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Since 2010, we’ve been the leading American consumer reviews website for solar panels & installation companies. We have reviews and ratings of solar panels companies that make it easy to find what you need.

It’s now a leading consumer education website and offers tools to help you compare the prices offered by different solar companies.

Solarsystems provides consumer reviews, expert reviews, specifications and warranties, sale prices on solar panels and more.


With Solarsystems, you can have a look at consumer reviews and customer service contact details. You can also see which solar panels inverters the company sells and installs. You can contact them by phone email and learn about average system prices for installation.

The Solarsystems blog has been focused on solar, home efficiency, electric vehicles and renewable energy for a while now. We provide expert opinion advice along with helpful reviews of solar panels and other resources to help you choose the most appropriate products.



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We do not work for any solar company or manufacturer to create our content on our website. We do not get paid from any companies for reviewing their products.

Our site is designed to be easy for customers as well as for us, and it is important to us that all reviews provided are genuine.

SolarSystems is one of the leading solar industry content sites and they rely on us for their content.

It takes work to gather and curate accurate and reliable information about solar panels. It is ever changing, but in a rapidly changing policy and technology landscape, finding the right info source is important. SolarSystemsis not only a recognized source of quality content – it is also thought of highly within the industry. This is why a number of other leading industry bodies link to and rely on information and tools they provide

We provide solar reviews of the different companies on our affiliate list.

Although SolarSystems provides a wide range of solar-related services, that doesn’t mean they own any solar installation or distribution companies in the United States.