Best solar Companies in Alaska

Choosing the right company to install your solar panels is probably the most important choice you’ll have to make. It can be hard to figure out who the best solar installer in Alaska is.

How do you know if the solar company you choose is the right one? Like any other industry, the solar industry has its share of salespeople who talk fast, use high-pressure tactics, and make claims about how well their products work that aren’t true.

So, we used a number of different criteria to make an honest list of the best solar companies. We wanted an honest list of the top ten because, as a consumer, you have the right to know where your money goes.

Solar company:

Alaska Solar

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Solar company:

Arctic Solar Ventures

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Renewable Energy Systems of Alaska

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Solar company:

ABS Alaskan

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Criteria for Selecting the Top Solar Company in Alaska

The Solarsystems team looked at the top solar companies in Alaska based on more than 20 criteria to find the best ones. We’ll talk about some of the most important ones below, and you can see the whole process on our methodology page.


Solar equipment is expensive, especially for people in Alaska who need high-efficiency equipment to get the most energy out of the sun in the summer, spring, and fall. Warranties help make sure that your solar panels and other equipment can handle the harsh weather in Alaska and keep saving you money on your energy bills.

Most solar warranties cover either the equipment itself, including damage and power output, or the work that went into setting up your system.

Most Alaskans think that a guarantee of energy production is the most important kind of coverage. Most of the year, Alaska gets a lot of sunlight, but almost none during the winter. Most of the time, high-efficiency panels that are guaranteed to produce the most energy are best for homeowners in Alaska. This is because they produce more energy than they need during the sunny months to make up for the dark winters.

Year Founded

Alaska has been using solar energy for a long time, but it is becoming more popular as more efficient panels that work well in the area become available. Because there is more demand, more and more businesses are starting up to meet it. Unfortunately, new companies are more likely to have problems with installation and customer service, and if they go out of business, your warranty will be null and void.

We look at how long a company has been in business and how successful it has been in the past. Most solar companies in Alaska aren’t that old, but those that started up in the last few years aren’t as high on the list.

Services Offered

Alaska solar companies offer a wide range of services. For example, Arctic Solar Ventures installs both solar panels and batteries for you, while Susitna Energy Systems only sells the equipment you need to install it yourself.

Companies with a wider range of services tend to rank higher in our rankings because they can usually serve more customers.

Brands of Solar Equipment Offered

In the same way, the equipment that companies offer can be different. Some companies, like Arctic Solar Ventures, only sell one brand of equipment, while others have a few choices. Companies that have more brands of equipment tend to rank higher because they appeal to a larger number of customers.

Some Alaskan homeowners hire a solar installation company based mostly on what equipment it has. If you want the most efficient solar panels that can make the most energy and save you money even in the dark Alaskan winter, you probably won’t find them from a company that specializes in the cheapest solar panels. This is also true in reverse.

Industry Affiliations

There are a number of groups and associations in the solar industry that work to get people to use solar energy, make it more reliable and affordable, and make it easier for people all over the country to get access to solar energy solutions. When a solar installer joins one of these groups, it sets itself apart from its competitors by showing that it cares about the industry as a whole and not just about making money.

We look for affiliations with groups like the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), and the Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP).

Size of Company

If you live in Alaska, the size of the solar installer you choose can have a big effect on the service you get.

In general, customer service is better at smaller businesses. But since Alaska isn’t served by any national solar companies, you’re likely to get great service from any installer. Smaller solar companies, like Susitna Energy Systems, won’t have the same customer service or care as a slightly larger installer, like Arctic Solar Ventures.

Larger companies in Alaska tend to serve a wider area and have more workers, which gives them more flexibility when it comes to consultation and installation times. Companies that only work in one area usually have better relationships with the utility companies in that area and can sometimes connect to the grid more quickly for net metering.

Solar Pricing and Financing

When evaluating solar companies in Alaska, the costs of solar panels and financing options are the last big things we look at.

Every solar company has a different way of figuring out prices. This is especially true in Alaska, where some companies only sell equipment and don’t do installations. In order to give you the best information possible, we evaluate companies based on the value they offer for the price, not just the price.

Also, a solar installer’s financing options can make a big difference in how easy it is for homeowners to use their services. Some companies only let you buy equipment and have it installed with cash, while others offer solar loans and help you get one. Some of them even include leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which we usually advise against but that still make renewable energy easier to get.


What is the most reputable solar company in Alaska?

After looking into the best solar companies in Alaska in detail, we decided that Arctic Solar Ventures is the most trustworthy. This solar installer has a long history of great customer service and quick communication. It also installs high-efficiency panels and battery systems that can handle the harsh conditions in Alaska. Finally, it makes its solar energy solutions easy to get by offering convenient and affordable solar loans.
Arctic Solar Ventures only works in a small area, but where it does, it offers great services and high-tech equipment.

Does solar panel selection matter when choosing a solar installer in Alaska?

Yes, the choice of solar panels is a very important part of choosing a solar installer in Alaska. Anyone who lives there knows that during the winter, there is almost no sunlight and certainly not enough for solar power systems to work. So, it’s important to choose an installer who has access to high-efficiency panels that will overproduce in the summer to make up for less production in the winter.
Since net metering is required statewide in Alaska, homeowners who buy high-efficiency solar panels often get a bigger return on their investment.

How do I find the right solar company for my needs?

Because there aren’t as many installers in Alaska as in other states, it’s easier to find the right solar company for your needs. Still, you’ll want to make a careful choice.
It’s best to judge companies based on a number of things, such as the equipment and services they offer, their overall prices, the financing options they offer, their customer service, how long they’ve been in business, and whether or not they offer a warranty. You can also use our Solarsystems rating, which gives you a quick look at how likely it is that you will be happy with a company that installs solar panels.