Best Solar Companies in Arkansas

Recent years have seen tremendous growth in the solar business in Arkansas, which is predicted to move up from 30th in the nation to 18th by the end of 2025 in terms of installed solar capacity. More businesses are moving to the state to capitalize on this development potential as more citizens switch to solar power, but you might not know which one to pick.

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How Can You Save Money In Arkansas When Hiring A Solar Company? best solar companies in Arkansas

Many Arkansans spend less for their solar energy system than other Americans, with an average cost per watt of $2.54, which is lower than the national average of $2.66. Most Arkansans can anticipate paying between $14,224 and $24,892 on average when the federal solar tax credit is taken into account.

However, considering that solar energy has an 8-year payback period and that this $14,000 to $25,000 investment is still pricey, people of Arkansas continue to explore for ways to reduce their solar energy costs. Look at these three suggestions to lower the cost of solar energy:

  • Use Arkansas tax advantages and incentives
  • Think about the solar panel kind.
  • Purchase a suitable-sized solar system

Utilize Arkansas’s tax credits and incentives

Utilizing all Arkansas’s solar incentives is one of the best methods to save money on solar energy. Despite the fact that there aren’t many in Arkansas, cash rebates, tax credits, and net metering schemes make solar energy more accessible and inexpensive than it otherwise would be. Although Arkansas may not be the top state for solar subsidies, there are some programs there that you should take into account.

Think About the Kind of Solar Panel

The cost of a solar panel will increase with its efficiency. The effectiveness of your solar panels should be your first priority if you want to save money on them. Less efficient solar panels have the drawback of costing more to power your home, but if they have good access to sunshine, they could be able to accomplish more with less. It’s possible to get away with less effective panels in some circumstances simply because you receive a lot of sunlight.

The average number of daylight hours in Arkansas is 217, which is more than the country’s average of 205. You may be able to get away with less effective solar panels and save some money by purchasing a less expensive panel, depending on the shading of your property and the direction of your roof.

Invest in the Proper Solar System Size

A solar panel system that is too big or too tiny shouldn’t be purchased. If it gets too huge, it will always create too much. If it’s too small, you’ll still wind up paying too much for electricity.

Have your property undergo an energy audit instead so you can accurately calculate the number of solar panels you need to reduce your energy consumption and identify additional energy-efficiency improvements you may implement. Your solar panel system’s size will be directly determined by this energy audit, helping you avoid overspending on solar.

Will Solar Boost Your Arkansas Home’s Value?

Solar projects can boost the value of your property by up to 4.1%, so they are useful for more than just paying your electricity bill.
2 You have the potential to raise your home’s value by at least $7,710 considering that the average price of homes in Arkansas is $188,040, according to Zillow. 3 Additionally, adding solar panels will probably help you sell your house because many potential buyers find them appealing.

Since renewable energy equipment is not currently excluded from property taxes in Arkansas, you will have to pay property taxes on the increase in property value brought on by solar energy. In contrast to the rest of the country, Arkansas’s property tax rate is extremely low. making the investment in solar energy in Arkansas worthwhile.

Should Arkansans use a professional solar installer or do it themselves?

Many homes are using solar panels to reduce their rising energy costs as a result of the rising cost of power. The issue is that solar panels are pricey, and many people have questioned if DIY solar installation is an option.

Other energy-efficiency improvements can be safely completed as do-it-yourself tasks, but there are numerous reasons to think about hiring a specialist to install your solar energy systems:

  • Excellent installation
  • Warranty for workmanship
  • Installation Quality and Safety

If your solar panels are not installed correctly, they will either not create any electricity at all or not as much energy as you would like. Since the panels cost so much, you want to make sure the system is not only installed correctly but also designed and sized correctly.

A quality installation involves more than just mounting panels. A qualified solar installation in Arkansas will not only install solar panels without causing damage to the panels themselves, but also to your roof or house. If you attempt to install your solar panels yourself, you run the risk of breaking a panel, damaging your roof, or doing worse.

Warranty of workmanship

The best solar panel installers provide a workmanship warranty that covers any harm caused when installing solar panels. However, you will miss out on this cost-cutting advantage if you install your own solar panels.

Furthermore, if you install your own panels, you can not just lose the craftsmanship warranty. Your solar panel provider can argue that the damage should be covered by a workmanship warranty rather than your manufacturer guarantee if you damage your panels while installing them. If that occurs, you’ll lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars because you’ll have to repair the panel on your own dime.

For individuals considering doing their own solar installations, safety is a top priority. You run the risk of injuring yourself if you attempt to connect your panels to your home system if you have no prior experience with electrical work. You also need to know how to safely install solar panels on your roof so that you don’t hurt yourself or your roof, unless you install ground-mounted solar panels.

You can rest easy knowing that your solar panels will be installed safely and without endangering you or your house when you choose a professional solar panel installation.

What Qualities Should Residents of Arkansas Look for in a Solar Installer?

There are a number of things to consider as you look around for the best solar provider:

  • Warranty Date of founding provided services
  • Equipment manufacturers offered
  • Sectoral affiliations
  • Size of business
  • Pricing and financing for solar Warranty

The majority of solar panel installations come with warranty protection. Solar warranties may cover labor, physical damage, electricity output, roof penetration, or any combination of these.

All warranties are beneficial, but in Arkansas, where rain and other severe weather events are frequent, guarantees that cover physical damage, such as roof leaks, can provide you peace of mind if any debris accidentally hits your panels. Given that they provide better service to clients in Arkansas, organizations like ADT that offer strong physical protection warranties are ranked higher.

Year Founded

The popularity of solar projects has been rising gradually across Arkansas. Although the shift to renewable energy is fantastic, it has also attracted a number of “fly by night” businesses hoping to cash in on the demand. Young, inexperienced businesses can void your warranties if they go out of business and are more likely to offer subpar service in general.

Give preference to solar installers that have demonstrated continuity and long-term success and take into account the year a firm was started. Although there are several trustworthy startup businesses, you might feel more at ease working with a more seasoned installation like SunPower.

Services Provided

Some businesses won’t be able to assist you if you’re seeking for a more specialized installation that involves add-on goods like electric vehicle chargers, solar batteries, or other equipment or services. You will need to look elsewhere if you require other goods or services because installers like Sun Valley Renewables exclusively deal with the installation of solar panels.

Manufacturers of Solar Equipment

While some solar installation businesses only use one brand of product—such as Tesla, which uses its own panels and Powerwalls, or SunPower, which uses Maxeon panels—others carry a variety of brands to allow for customisation. Customers seeking the most effective solar panels will find it in SunPower and Tesla, while those seeking, for instance, the least expensive solar panels, won’t.

Sectoral Affiliations

Numerous NGOs, associations, and solar groups exist to inform the public about solar energy, provide access to solar financing, and encourage the use of renewable energy sources. A solar installer that is affiliated with these groups stands out as a proponent for the sector and one who is committed to expanding solar access rather than doing so for financial gain.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), and the Arkansas Renewable Energy Associations are a few associations we search for (AREA).

Size of Business

Many solar customers are shocked to realize that the size of the company you select for the installation of your solar energy system can have a significant impact on your experience and the value of your system.

Superior customer service is generally offered by smaller, neighborhood businesses, albeit it could be more expensive. While some might not have the means to be flexible with installation schedules, they frequently have superior connections with regional utility companies and permitting organizations, which enables them to speed up net metering or connecting your inverter to the grid.

Larger, national businesses typically provide lower pricing at the expense of excellent customer service and eye-catching choices like Tesla Powerwalls. Additionally, they frequently exhibit greater flexibility regarding installation and consultation schedules.

Pricing and Financing for Solar

For any homeowner, the price of solar panels from any firm will be a significant factor to consider, but our team evaluates the company’s worth in relation to the price. For instance, firms that only install high-efficiency equipment, such as Tesla Powerwalls or SunPower panels, will unavoidably be more expensive, but the better technology can increase the value of your property and save your future electricity costs. Value is a better metric than cost when comparing solar equipment because cheaper isn’t necessarily better.

Additionally, a business is more accessible to clients if it offers a variety of financing options. Even though some alternatives are less appealing and advantageous than others, businesses that accept cash purchases, solar loans with variable periods, leases, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) typically score higher.