Best Solar Companies in Colorado

What Are the top 5 solar energy companies in Colorado?

Colorado offers excellent incentives for citizens to continue using alternative energy sources for their homes, including solar, as it is one of the most ecologically friendly states. Colorado has provided incentives for both businesses and homeowners to grow one of the most respected solar industries. With so many solar providers to select from, going solar in Colorado has never been simpler.

It is not surprising that there are many solar utility firms throughout the state, as well as a wealth of internet reviews and information about Colorado solar companies, given that Colorado recently rated 13th in the nation for solar installations and renewable energy utilities.

Finding the best solar business for your home can be challenging, though, due to the wealth of information available.

Our comprehensive analysis of the top seven solar energy providers in Colorado is provided below and is intended exclusively for citizens of the entire state. You’ll also discover a link to our solar firm matching engine, which aids in your search for the most suitable solar contractor.

You might be shocked to learn that some of the more well-known businesses, such as Titan Solar Power and Vivint, aren’t included in our rankings. This was a deliberate choice based on problems with Colorado-specific customer service, availability, or ongoing consumer cases.

Solar company:

Blue Raven Solar

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Solar company:

Photon Brothers

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Solar company:

ADT Solar

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Solar company:

Tesla Energy

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How to Cut Costs When Choosing a Colorado Solar Company

The average 7.5 kilowatt (kW) solar system costs $20,175 to install in Colorado, or about $2.69 per watt. Although this cost may appear high, it is actually lower than the national average for solar costs in Colorado.

Any homeowner would find the cost of installing solar panels to be prohibitive, but fortunately there are several ways to lower the cost of your solar system in Colorado.

Colorado Solar Tax Credits and Incentives

Colorado is a great state to invest in renewable energy since it has more than 300 days of sunshine per year. For households that wish to buy solar energy but are deterred by the high cost, Colorado offers a variety of solar incentive schemes.

Colorado offers a number of programs for low-income homeowners that want to install solar panels in addition to its numerous rebate schemes. Homeowners of various socioeconomic backgrounds can participate in solar energy thanks to initiatives like the Xcel Energy Solar*Rewards programs and the Colorado Energy Office Rooftop Solar PV Program.

Solar Panel Type

The type(s) of solar panels you install will have a significant impact on the overall cost of your solar system. While homeowners in some states do require more powerful and efficient solar panels to capture every last bit of solar energy possible, residents of sunny states like Colorado can get by with less expensive panels.

You can pick the most effective solar panels available, but bear in mind that you might not require the priciest solar panels in order to collect enough energy to pay your electricity bills.

Device Size

Your energy requirements will determine the size of the solar system you require, so review your electricity bills and records to see how much energy you actually consume each month.

Homeowners in Colorado may get by with a 7.5 kW solar system to offset their energy needs because there is so much sunlight available there. You should bear in mind that you might be able to get away with a lesser system and save money while you explore solar installation firms and solar panel manufacturers.

Will Solar Boost Your Colorado Home’s Value?

Installing solar power in Colorado is definitely worthwhile. You will quickly see a return on your investment (ROI) thanks to the higher than normal number of sunny days and the affordable electricity costs. Installing solar is a terrific investment for any Colorado property since you can potentially see a tens of thousands of dollars improvement in the value of your house.

Your Colorado solar system will typically pay for itself in about 13 years, so whether you sell your property or not, you’re likely to make money on your solar panel purchase.

Should Colorado residents go with a pro or do it themselves for solar installation?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever considered installing your own solar panels because everyone likes to save money whenever they can. However, even though installing your own panels might save you money up front, you would miss out on features that would ultimately save you money.

Let’s look at the three main justifications for hiring experts to install your solar system.

It Will Take Your Solar System Longer

Even if you have some electrical or do-it-yourself home repair knowledge, there is a potential that you could install anything improperly if you have never installed solar panels. The lifespan of your panels might be impacted by even the smallest errors.

Professionals have experience installing solar systems and will do it correctly the first time. When you hire experts to install your solar panels, you frequently receive a workmanship guarantee and warranty that covers any installation issues.

No Hassle with Permit Applications and Operating Permission

You have only solved a portion of the puzzle if you are knowledgeable about solar panel installation. Before you can turn on your solar panels in Colorado, you frequently need to sign paperwork, obtain permits from your city or county, and receive approval to operate. It’s understandable if this appears intimidating.

However, if you hire experts to install solar panels, they will handle this stage for you. The installers will guarantee that all documentation is completed, all inspections are passed, and your solar panels are prepared to begin saving you money.

You’ll Receive Continued Upkeep

If you want your solar system to endure 30 years or longer, frequent maintenance is a necessary. However, you might not always have the time or the expertise to do so as a homeowner. You could lose a lot of money if you make this error.

Homeowners can choose from a variety of routine maintenance programs and plans offered by various solar power producers and manufacturers. These upkeep programs not only keep your panels functioning at their best and save you thousands in unanticipated repairs, but they are frequently free or at least inexpensive.

What Qualities Should a Solar Installer Have for Colorado Residents?

In Colorado, there are many reputable firms that install solar panels, but even those on our lists of top choices have advantages and disadvantages. In your search for the ideal solar installer, there are a few essential qualities you should consider:

  • Reviews and reputation in the area
  • Pricing and funding options for solar energy
  • Warranty protection
  • Organizational expertise Brand quality
  • Reviews and reputation in the area

Colorado is serviced by both big, national businesses and smaller, local ones, and the size of the business can influence how you feel about a solar installer in general. Larger businesses, like ADT and SunPower, frequently have greater resources, better availability, and occasionally lower prices. They also frequently provide additional financing alternatives. However, these businesses frequently use independent installers, which may affect your overall experience.

Smaller, neighborhood businesses, like Sunergy Construction Inc., typically provide superior customer service, offer more customization options, and can tailor your system precisely to Colorado’s climate.

Pricing and Financing for Solar

Pricing and Financing for Solar
Solar energy systems in Colorado are a significant financial commitment, although the cost varies significantly from installer to installer. As you search for an installer, it’s crucial to take price and solar finance alternatives into account.

The majority of solar panel businesses accept payments in cash and provide financing options, but significantly fewer provide leasing and power purchase agreements (PPAs). Consult businesses like Sunergy and Photon Brothers if you intend to finance your solar project. More Colorado residents now have access to solar power thanks to leases and PPAs, which have lower up-front costs.

Going with businesses like Blue Raven and Freedom Solar Power that don’t provide PPAs is acceptable, but make sure you do your research and find the best financial solution to finance your solar project.

Top solar firms in Colorado offer the following services for rooftop solar

Others are regarded as full-service solar installers, while some solar companies simply offer solar panel installation. Colorado residents who want to get the most out of their systems frequently choose additional services like solar monitoring and battery backup installation. Some businesses even go over and beyond by offering electric vehicle charging stations.

Because they appeal to more homeowners throughout Colorado, businesses that provide more comprehensive services typically rank higher in our evaluations. Additionally, businesses that submit permits, schedule city inspections, and link your system to the grid via an inverter also rate higher on our lists given the potential delays that the permitting authorities and local electric companies in Colorado can cause during installation.

Warranty Protection

Homeowners in Colorado are accustomed to experiencing chilly temperatures throughout the winter, as well as in the spring and fall. Many rely on electric heaters and heat, which consume enormous quantities of power. You’ll want to be protected in case your solar system is damaged. This is where a quality warranty plan, like the all-inclusive one provided by ADT, is useful.

In Colorado, solar panels with warranties for optimal efficiency are often preferred for this very reason. They give homeowners the assurance that their energy costs will be low even as they use more electricity to get through the winter.

As a center for severe weather, Colorado is also prone to hailstorms, high winds from Tornado Alley nearby, and regular tornado and cyclone activity, particularly in the Eastern Plains. Solar panel physical condition warranties offer defense against hail, tree limbs, and other debris that can harm the system or even yank the panels away from your house.

Company Background

Colorado is classified as the 13th state for new solar conversions and alternative energy sources by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).
2 Many “fly by night” businesses are springing up in Colorado that are attempting to capitalize on the high demand in the region and the overall surge in solar popularity.

Recent starting years aren’t always a cause for concern because some young businesses, like Sunergy and Blue Raven, will undoubtedly offer top-notch support. On the other hand, a company is not necessarily respectable just because it has a long history in the solar market. However, businesses with more experience have a longer history of success, like SunPower.

Brand Quality

Both a skilled installation and the solar panel brand you select for your home are crucial. Check to see which panels each company installs when you compare various businesses.

Some businesses, like Tesla and SunPower, solely use their own branding for installations. Both businesses provide high-quality panels, which can be a benefit, but you’re out of luck if they don’t fit your home.