Best solar companies in Idaho

What Are the Top Solar Energy Businesses in Idaho?

In Idaho, the growth of residential solar has been sluggish. However, Idahoans are beginning to keep their solar businesses busy in reaction to rising electricity prices and the availability of new incentives for households who install solar panels.

Every Idaho-based solar installation business that we come across is thoroughly analyzed by our Solarsystems solar experts. We assessed each firm on a wide range of criteria, including years in operation, warranty coverage, Better Business Bureau rating, financing choices, customer reviews, and much more, in order to determine the best six solar installers in the state.

Solar company:

Blue Raven Solar

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Intermountain Wind And Solar

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EGT Solar

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Solar panels on a home roof: How Can You Save Money When Hiring A Solar Company In Idaho?

Prior to applying any incentives, the average cost of installing solar panels in Idaho is $26,000, which is pricey when compared to the national average cost of $23,940.

The average Idaho home uses more energy than the national average, therefore more solar panels must be installed, even if solar is really less expensive in Idaho. Solar energy is normally priced per watt, and in Idaho the cost per watt is $2.60 as opposed to the $2.66 national average.

Although going solar in Idaho can reduce your utility bill, it still requires a sizable investment. When choosing a solar firm in Idaho, you may take the following actions to save money:

  • Utilize solar incentive programs
  • Install the appropriate number of panels.
  • Purchase high-performance solar panels.
  • Obtain price quotations from many solar installers.
  • Utilize Solar Incentive Programs

You can take advantage of Idaho solar incentives and financing choices to improve your savings over time, even though they might not cover the initial costs of your solar energy system.

Install the bare minimum of panels.

The average Idahoan uses more energy than the average American, which is why solar renewable energy systems in Idaho are often more expensive than the national average. You, however, might not belong to that statistic.

Again, the cost of solar panel systems is determined by their wattage. Therefore, in order to save money on a solar panel system, you should install the smallest one that can still provide enough energy to fulfill your demands.
You must examine your utility bills in order to determine your average monthly energy use in order to determine the size of the solar system you require.

In Idaho, the average monthly power usage is 961 kilowatt hours.

To quickly determine the system size required for that residence, divide this figure by 100. Therefore, a typical Idaho home needs a 10 kW system (rounded up from 9.61, of course).

Buy high-efficiency panels online.

Although more expensive up front, higher-efficiency solar panels will require fewer of them to produce the same amount of energy as a larger system with less-efficient panels.

This suggests that investing in fewer, more effective solar panels, like those from SunPower, could end up saving you money over time.

The finest solar panels have an output of about 350 to 400 watts each, and anything beyond 20% is regarded as high-efficiency.

Obtain Several Solar Installers’ Estimates

It makes sense to compare solar panel brands if you know what you’re searching for. However, it’s okay that the majority of solar users aren’t solar experts.

It’s even more crucial to locate a reliable Idaho solar panel business if you’re new to solar energy. a business that is familiar with the local environment, the optimum sun-catching positions, and the local solar-friendly legislation and incentives.

We advise requesting at least two quotes from the top Idaho solar installers we’ve listed on this page.

Calculate Your Savings Potential By Going Solar

Will Solar Boost Your Idaho Home’s Value?

Solar panels, indeed In Idaho, solar panels do raise a home’s value. In fact, 63% of homeowners who participated in an EcoWatch survey of 1,000 said they would pay more for a home with solar panels than a home without.

The average home value in Idaho is $467,694, thus installing solar panels could result in a $18,700 increase in home value.

Should Idaho residents go with a pro or do it themselves for solar installation?

installing solar panels is a man in an orange vest.
To save money, you might want to try installing your solar panels yourself. But mounting solar panels comes with a number of risks.

However, let’s first determine how much you would actually save if you installed your own solar panels.

Although labor expenses vary by business, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, labor often makes up at least 10% of the overall cost of installing solar panels.

In Idaho, that equals roughly $2,600.

That’s important, but does it go far enough to balance out the drawbacks of a do-it-yourself solar installation?

Owning solar panels means you run the following risks:

  • losing warranty protection for solar equipment (most manufacturers have a clause that the warranty is only good if professionally installed)
  • installing your solar panels in an ineffective or wrong manner
  • Injury to yourself or damage to your home or roof

Solar panel installation is trickier than you may imagine. When you work with a solar panel firm, the installation procedure could include a project manager, a group of certified installers, and solar panel design experts who collaborate to make sure your solar panels are positioned in the optimal way to maximize your solar power.

The bottom line is that we don’t advise installing your own solar panels unless you’re a certified electrician or other tradesperson.

What Qualities Should a Solar Installer Have for Idaho Residents?

Nearly two dozen solar businesses are based in Idaho, and several more provide services there.
How then can you determine which is ideal for your requirements?

Our recommendation is that you work with a solar installer who:

  • provides many different solar financing alternatives.
  • carries a variety of solar brand names
  • provides robust warranties
  • Options for Solar Financing are Diverse

No matter where you live, solar is pricey. However, if you consume a little bit more energy than the typical Idaho household, you’ll probably need to spend more money on a larger solar system to meet your needs.

This is why picking a solar business in Idaho that provides a range of financing alternatives is a good choice. For instance, Blue Raven Solar has two distinct financing solutions with $0 upfront costs for 18 to 42 months, BluePower Plus+ and SmartStart.

Numerous Solar Brands

Installing top-of-the-line solar equipment is essential for maximizing solar power output because Idahoans experience less sunshine and use more electricity than the national average. However, we also prefer to highlight solar enterprises that provide a wide range of equipment brands to appeal to a wide range of customers, regardless of style or price range.

There are a few exceptions, though. For instance, SunPower only sells Maxeon solar modules, yet Maxeon is regarded as one of the greatest solar modules available, so we still heartily endorse SunPower.

Detailed Warranties

In Idaho, installing solar panels might cost anywhere between $18,000 and $34,000. Given the size of the investment, you should ensure its security.

The typical lifespan of a solar panel system is 25 years, so you should choose a provider that offers at least a 25-year warranty on your panels. However, we prefer to see additional warranties for roof penetration, workmanship, and power generation, especially in a state like Idaho where snowfall is above normal.