Best solar Companies in Louisiana

It takes a lot of research and comparing to find the best solar companies in Louisiana. Sadly, many other online reviews don’t take into account some of the most important local details. For example, in Louisiana, where there is often extreme weather and heavy rain that can damage equipment and roofing, companies that offer a lot of physical protection and roof penetration warranties do better. The Solarsystems team looks at this and many other local factors to help you find the best company for your needs.

Our reviews are put together by a team of solar experts, backed by insider data, and reviewed by an advisory board to make sure we give you only the most important information, without any marketing tricks.

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ADT Solar

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Solar Alternatives Inc.

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South Coast Solar

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Phoenix Exteriors

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Criteria used by Solarsystems to choose the best solar company in Louisiana

The Solarsystems team works hard to give you the best local information possible so that you can go solar in Louisiana successfully. In order to do this, we look at solar panel installation companies in the area based on more than 20 criteria. We’ll list some of the most important things we think about below, but you can see the whole list on our methodology page.

Solar panels on a home should come with a warranty.

Most solar installers offer warranties, which usually cover either the physical equipment (if it breaks, doesn’t produce enough energy, or both) or the installer’s work (if it’s installed wrong, goes through the roof, or both).

In Louisiana, all warranties are helpful, but most solar customers care most about warranties that protect against physical damage. Extreme weather, like hurricanes, tropical storms, and cyclones, are common in Louisiana. These storms can damage your rooftop solar equipment. Strong physical protection gives Louisianans peace of mind that their investment in solar will continue to save them money for many years.

When it started

In the last ten years, the number of solar conversions in Louisiana has grown by a lot. In response to the rise in demand, many new businesses are starting up all over the state to take advantage of the growing market. Most people don’t get the customer service they want from these “fly by night” companies, and if they go out of business, your warranties could be void.

Because of this, the Solarsystems team gives more weight to companies that have been around for a long time and have been successful in the industry. All of the companies we recommend have been checked out and shown to be here to stay.

What’s on offer

When we rank solar companies in Louisiana, we also look at how many services they offer. Solar companies can all install solar panels, but that’s all some of them can do. Installations of solar batteries or chargers for electric cars could be among the others. Some of the best companies, like Solar Alternatives, offer a huge range of services.

Companies that offer both standard and non-standard services are more likely to be able to serve customers all over Louisiana and offer customization to those who need it.

Types of solar equipment that are for sale

In addition to the number of services they offer, the brands of solar equipment they sell can be a big factor in how well they can help you with your project. We give a little more weight to companies that have a wide range of products because they will naturally appeal to more customers.

Some solar customers choose their installer based on what kind of equipment they offer. If you’re looking for a company that installs the most efficient solar panels, choosing one that sells SunPower panels or Tesla Powerwalls can narrow your search, since not all companies sell these products.

Connections to the Industry

In the United States and Louisiana in particular, there are a lot of groups that work to make solar electricity solutions easier to use, cheaper, or more appealing to more people. We usually rank installers that are affiliated with these organizations higher, as the connection suggests that the company is in the industry for more worthwhile goals than simply making a profit.

Some connections and certifications we look for are with the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and the Solar United Neighbors of Louisiana.

Size of Company

Many homeowners fail to consider the role that the size of a solar company can play in their overall experience with going solar.

Larger national companies often have more affordable pricing because they buy equipment in bulk. They also tend to have more employees and can be more flexible with consultations and expediting the installation.

On the other hand, smaller local companies almost always provide better customer service and customer care. They usually offer more design services and customization options, and they tend to have better relationships with local utility companies to expedite connection to the grid and net metering. Many smaller companies also have a better understanding of local needs.

Solar Pricing and Financing

Although there are other criteria we consider, the last major factors we use to rank solar companies in Louisiana are overall pricing models and financing options.

Solar companies naturally range in price based on labor and installation cost. Equipment cost is an even more significant factor, and more affordable panels are usually more appealing. The Solarsystems team considers both the price and the value you’ll receive for the money. Companies that install high-efficiency panels and equipment will almost always cost more upfront, but they tend to save homeowners more in the long run.

We also consider the financing options available. Many solar companies only accept cash purchases and solar loans, which are the only options we regularly recommend. Others — like SunPro Solar — also provide access to solar leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). While these options are less beneficial for the customer, they do make clean energy more accessible and lead to higher rankings.