Best solar Companies in Mississippi

Mississippi is prone to severe weather, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and violent thunderstorms, all of which might harm your solar equipment. Therefore, homeowners in the area would benefit more from dealing with businesses that offer strong physical protection warranties.

To ensure that we offer only the most important information, free of marketing gimmicks, our reports are compiled by a team of solar professionals, supported by insider knowledge, and examined by an advisory board. Let’s begin.

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Solar company:

ADT Solar

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Solar Alternatives Inc.

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Mississippi Solar, LLC

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Solarsystems Selection Criteria for Mississippi’s Best Solar Company

The solarsystems team evaluates the top solar providers in the state using more than 20 factors, which you can learn about on our methodology page, in order to provide Mississippians with the greatest information possible. Some of the more crucial aspects we take into account are listed below.


Small family home under warranty with solar panels on the roof.
Most solar energy businesses provide some sort of warranty. Typically, solar warranties cover the system’s hardware, physical damage or power output, as well as labor costs associated with installation. Both are significant and advantageous in all circumstances, but most people in Mississippi place greater importance on the physical protection warranties.

As was already noted, tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, and powerful winds are common in Mississippi. Rooftop solar panels may be damaged directly by these or inadvertently by being struck by tree limbs or other debris. The Solarsystems team gives businesses with strong physical protection warranties a higher rating because these businesses are more likely to give Mississippi residents the security they require to live there.

Year Founded

In Mississippi, solar conversions are becoming in popularity. While this is fantastic news, it also means that many new businesses are springing up to satisfy the soaring demand. These occasionally include “fly by night” installers who frequently provide subpar service. Additionally, if they cease operations, they may void your warranties.

Before determining a company’s Solarsystems grade, we thoroughly examine its history of success and longevity in the market.

Services Provided

There is no way that all solar providers provide the same services, despite what you may believe. Some businesses specialize in installing solar panels solely, whilst those on the other end of the spectrum can also install solar batteries, electric vehicle chargers, solar roofing, solar monitoring, roof repair and replacement, among other things.

You might need to pick your solar installation depending on the job it can handle if you’re searching for a customized system to fit your demands and expectations.

Manufacturers of Solar Equipment

The brands of equipment that different solar installation businesses stock and install vary, just like the services offered. Some businesses, such as SunPower, only offer access to one brand. While SunPower’s solar panels are among the most effective in the market, clients looking for more affordable hardware or the most affordable solar panels won’t be interested in them.

Customers searching for certain items, such as the well-known Tesla Powerwall, may also need to base their installation choice on supply.

You may need to select your solar installer in part depending on the brands of machinery it works with. Because they can accommodate more clients with a variety of demands and budgets, businesses with a wide variety of product brands rank better in our rankings.

Sectoral Affiliations

A few groups in the solar sector advocate for making solar more available, more economical, or generally a more sensible choice for homes. Considering that these businesses are frequently nonprofits, an installer who supports them stands out from the competition. It’s a signal that the business cares more about the industry’s advancement than just its own bottom line.

We check for associations with groups like the Solar United Neighbors of Mississippi, the Solar Energy Industries Association, and the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Size of Business

Your total satisfaction with the procedure may be influenced by the size of the business you select.

For instance, smaller regional businesses like Mississippi Solar LLC typically provide superior customer service than their bigger rivals. They frequently have stronger connections with neighborhood utility providers, which can sometimes speed up the process of connecting your inverter to the grid for net metering. Local businesses may be able to save you a little more money up front because they typically have more understanding about regional solar rebates and state incentives.

While connection to the grid may take a little longer, larger businesses can often speed installation because they frequently have lower pricing and more resources.

Whichever suits your needs the best will ultimately be up to you to pick.

Pricing and Financing for Solar

The installation cost of solar panels from the firm you’re thinking about is a crucial consideration because it can sometimes be the difference between being able to afford going solar and not being able to. Additionally, financing alternatives matter since more options, such as leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), make renewable energy more available.

We thoroughly evaluate businesses based on total cost as well as the value offered for the money. Even though companies that exclusively install high-quality, high-efficiency panels normally charge more up front, their equipment is usually more value and can save you more money over time. Companies that provide consumers a variety of financing choices and a strong value-to-cost ratio receive higher rankings from us.