Best Solar Companies in Richmond

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Nova Solar

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Virtue Solar

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Sigora Solar

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Blue Raven Solar

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What Are the 5 Best Solar Companies in Richmond?

A list of the top solar installers in Richmond, as well as a link to our tool for matching solar companies, may be found below. We have access to the greatest offers and rates for our readers because to our established brand in the solar sector.

1. Nova Solar

Due in major part to its exceptional customer service, Nova Solar is rated as the top solar company in Richmond, Virginia. Customer ratings for its non-intrusive and open quoting, installation, and post-installation services have been consistently five stars. When its customers experience problems with their solar investments, Nova Solar takes the initiative to actively address the situation.

Nova Solar offers a wide range of products and brands from companies like REC, Q Cells, IronRidge, and others. Homeowners can now install solar panels that are more specifically tailored to their needs. Customers have also praised the company for being upfront about installation costs, designing effective solar systems, and providing smooth installation services.

Pros of Nova Solar

  • Responsive customer service from sales to installation 
  • Guaranteed at least one professional certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) on every job
  • No hidden fees or upcharges 
  • Proposals include a mock-up of the panels on your roof

Cons of Nova Solar

  • Lack of information regarding warranties on website (though available during quotes process)

Facts and Figures: Nova Solar

EcoWatch Rating4.5
Better Business Bureau (BBB) RatingA+
Year Founded2012
HeadquartersMosby, VA
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery installations
Brands of Solar Equipment OfferedREC, Q Cells, Tesla, IronRidge, SolarEdge, Enphase
Financing OptionsCash payments, loans

2. Virtue Solar

Virtue Solar was established in 2015, is owner-operated, and has earned certification from the BBB with an A+ rating. For both residential and commercial solar projects, this solar firm designs and installs solar energy systems.

Virtue Solar takes pleasure in offering reliable guidance and support. Although the owners claim to be installers rather than salespeople, their website did not have all the information I was looking for on solar services and goods. That was confirmed when I got in touch with the business. Peter Malander of Virtue Solar, a NABCEP-certified installer, was delighted to provide straightforward advice on the fundamentals of solar energy and comparison shopping without using any high-pressure sales techniques. Virtue Solar was chosen the Best Local Provider in Richmond by EcoWatch because you can put your trust in them right away.

Virtue Solar is committed to provide trustworthy service and frank advise throughout the whole solar system design and installation process. Virtue Solar has put in more than 2,000 kW of solar capacity so far. Current solar energy advocacy and policy information may also be found on the company’s Facebook page. Its website primarily focuses on educating people about solar power and references reliable sources like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Pros of Virtue Solar

  • Owner-operated 
  • Excellent customer service; educates homeowners without upselling
  • Variety of warranty coverage for both product and production, offering protection against linear degradation

Cons of Virtue Solar

  • Website could provide more information upfront, such as about services and products offered
  • Relatively young company
  • Does not offer solar batteries with most installations

Facts and Figures: Virtue Solar

EcoWatch Rating4.5
BBB RatingA+
Year Founded2015
HeadquartersMadison, VA
Solar ServicesSolar panel, solar roof shingles and electric vehicle charger installations
Brands of Solar Equipment OfferedVaries
Financing OptionsCash payments, loans

3. Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar, which was established in 2014 and operates in 17 states throughout the nation, is renowned for its top-notch customer service, superior installations, and in-house solar finance approach. Due to its exceptional reputation, SunPower recently acquired the business, which immediately rose to the top of the solar industry. Blue Raven won our Best Workmanship award for their commitment to offering a high-quality service and maintaining it over time, effectively resolving problems that homeowners raised.

Monocrystalline Tier 1 black-on-black solar panels, which provide a sleek, contemporary appearance for residential rooftops, are the only type that Blue Raven installs. Trustworthy names like Trina and Canadian Solar are among the brands Blue Raven offers. The company also installs SunPower SunVault solar battery solutions.

In order to ensure that you pay the same low price for five years, the company’s SmartStart program assists homeowners in taking advantage of the low rates that many solar loan lenders give in the first 18 months. Blue Raven issues you a check each month to maintain the same rate. Additionally, the business offers consumers a BluePower+ program that allows them to pay nothing for the first 18 months.

Pros of Blue Raven Solar

  • Highly responsive in resolving issues
  • Hands-on with required inspections before going solar
  • SmartStart program offers predictability and financial stability

Cons of Blue Raven Solar

  • Headquarters located out of state, in Utah
  • Only provides a two-year production guarantee
  • No solar leasing or power purchase agreement (PPA) options

Facts and Figures: Blue Raven Solar

EcoWatch Rating4.5
BBB RatingA+
Year Founded2014
HeadquartersOrem, UT
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery installations; system monitoring
Brands of Solar Equipment OfferedTrina, Canadian Solar, SunPower
Financing OptionsCash payments, loans

4. Sigora Solar

Our Solar Veteran award goes to Sigora Solar, which has a decade of experience and is a pioneer in the solar business that never fails to deliver. This solar provider gets our recommendation if you’re seeking for a business with a good reputation.

The company’s team has finished commercial and residential installations in almost every type of backup configuration and interconnection, fusing renewable energy with conventional backup storage options. With Sigora Solar, customization is essential.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, which are available in Virginia, allow you to earn money from the solar energy your system produces (SRECs). In order to create a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) with the Virginia General Assembly for the purchase and sale of SRECs, Sigora has teamed up with Carbon Solutions Group (CSG).

Pros of Sigora Solar

  • Tesla Powerwall certified installer
  • Website thoughtfully designed as accessible to those with disabilities
  • BPI Goldstar Certified energy auditors

Cons of Sigora Solar

  • Limited information on website regarding services, warranty and financing
  • Few customer reviews online
  • Some complaints regarding inverters failing

Facts and Figures: Sigora Solar

EcoWatch Rating4.0
BBB RatingA+
Year Founded2011
HeadquartersCharlottesville, VA
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery installations; energy-efficiency packages
Brands of Solar Equipment OfferedREC, Trina, Enphase, Tesla
Financing OptionsCash payments, loans

Solarsystems for Selecting the Best Solar Companies in Richmond

Out of 187 companies serving the state of Virginia, we selected five as the best solar companies in Richmond. Here are the criteria we considered when analyzing and ranking the installers above.


Solar panels are often backed by two warranties, a performance and equipment guarantee:

  • A performance warranty on solar panels often guarantees 90% production for up to 10 years, then 80% until 25 years. 
  • An equipment warranty on solar panels usually guarantees 10 to 12 years of working without failing.

Weather-related incidents or accidents on your property are not covered by solar panel warranties. Photovoltaic (PV) installations, however, are viewed as home improvement tasks. Many insurance companies do offer coverage for these occurrences, but before investing in a new solar system, verify with your carrier.

Years in Business

The length of an organization, which indicates its years of expertise, is frequently used to gauge its reputation. However, as the need for renewable energy grows, both young and established businesses have faced financial difficulties.

If a company closes early, a warranty cannot be honored. Young businesses run the danger of failing. According to a recent CNBC article, the solar business saw a year-over-year growth of 33% in 2021, while supply chain costs will reduce its anticipated growth by 25% in 2022. Any business that is expanding quickly cannot remain viable if pragmatism is not considered.

Services Offered

The majority of solar companies specialize in solar panels as their main offering, but supplementary services like energy-efficiency audits and improvements, electrical contracting, and roofing show the brand’s depth of knowledge.

Owner-operated, many smaller solar businesses, like Nova Solar, frequently employ people with a variety of experiences. They are the same representatives who provide you information on solar, assist you with getting a price, and frequently show up to install the panels. They also help you with all the paperwork needed for regulatory purposes and coach you through energy-efficiency techniques to reduce your electric bill costs. For instance, Nova Solar doesn’t use subcontractors and its representatives work with customers all the way through the project and afterwards.

Solarsystems recognizes that comprehensive solar services frequently tell more about a company’s level of experience. A company that employs people with electrical and roofing experience will be able to advise you practically rather than attempting to upsell you without the necessary knowledge.

Service Area and Headquarters

Once you have confirmed that a solar company offers its services in your region, write down its headquarters’ address. In addition to the price of the product and the time and travel costs required to deliver it to homeowners, an out-of-state headquarters may add to your annoyance if the device malfunctions.

Virginia is not the company’s home state. Although the majority of the reviews are favorable, some customers have experienced backup battery problems and had trouble getting someone to come look. Locally, this issue can occasionally come up as well: Sigora Solar customers have reported inverter failures (based in Virginia). Thankfully, both businesses offer attentive customer care. These details are taken into account by Solarsystems while determining its ranking criteria.

Industry Affiliations

What industry affiliations does the solar company have, and how does this reflect upon its ethics, qualifications and service? We give a higher ranking to companies affiliated with organizations such as:

  • Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
  • Certified B Corps

We advise our readers to check IREC’s National Solar Licensing Database as well as the licensing criteria and database maintained by your state government in addition to our research to make sure any company they are considering has a current business license.

Customer Experience

When ranking and reviewing solar companies at Solarsystems, one of the most crucial elements we take into account is previous customers’ experiences. Our objective is to help solar buyers see the broad picture and avoid being duped by greenwashing. We investigate and put ourselves in your position:

  • What are the good reviews saying? How does the company address its negative reviews? Is it just copying and pasting a form response or actually responding with action? 
  • If I call the company as a prospective customer, how do they treat me from the first phone call? Am I getting a sales pitch or being educated based on my particular needs?

Solar Pricing and Financing

One of the most common queries people have when considering residential solar power to lower their energy costs is “Okay, how much is this going to cost me?”.

The cost of solar panels must be taken into account while making the switch to solar energy. Prices for residential systems normally run from $10,000 to $20,000, however after taking into account the federal solar tax credit, the price of a moderately sized system might be less than $10,000. Although it may not seem like it at first, you really end up saving money over time while lowering your reliance on fossil fuels.

Fortunately, Richmond, Virginia’s top solar businesses offer financing plans that let you spread out your total payment over a period of months or years. We primarily search for comprehensive solutions that feature the following when selecting businesses to recommend:

  • Availability and education on solar incentives, such as rebates, renewable energy credits, the federal tax credit and application assistance
  • Flexibility with down payments, payment plans, interest rates and loan partners
  • Salespeople that aren’t pushy

How much does it cost to go solar in Virginia?

In Virginia, the average cost of solar is $2.75 per watt, according to our nationwide market analysis. This is a bit more than the $2.66 per watt national average. A 5-kW solar system in VA, the standard size for a moderate single-family home, would cost $10,163 using this estimate after the federal solar tax credit.

Does Virginia have community solar?

Unfortunately, community solar is currently unavailable to the majority of Virginians. Those that receive energy from an electric cooperative with a community solar option, like BARC in Western Virginia, are the exception to that rule. If you are an account holder looking for a referral, Dominion Energy does have a place where you can sign up for further information for a future community solar effort.

What is the most reputable solar company in Richmond, Virginia?

We chose Virtue Solar as the Best Local Provider because of its emphasis on consumer education, straightforward counsel, and practical approach. However, we cited Nova Solar as the top business in Richmond overall.