Best Solar Companies in Wyoming

Wyoming ranks 42nd in the nation for solar adoption, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), and only has eight companies who are experts in installing panels. Choosing the best firm for your solar project can be challenging with such few options available.

Based on the unique requirements of Wyoming residents, we looked into all of the top firms in WY for you and determined that the installers listed below are the finest choices:

Solar company:

LG Solar

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Solar company:


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Solar company:

LONGi Solar panels

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What are some strategies for cost-cutting when choosing a Wyoming solar company?

Recent statistics show that Wyoming solar power systems typically cost around $23,130. This estimate is predicated on the premise that your system size will need to be 9 kilowatts, which is the state average. It also assumes that the cost of your photovoltaic (PV) equipment will be $2.57 per watt on average.

Despite being significantly less than the national average, this expense is still a sizable one that many homeowners could find challenging to justify. Although employing renewable energy can result in long-term energy bill savings and environmental benefits, some people may find the initial expense of building a solar power system prohibitive.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your system expenses, increase your energy savings over time, and achieve a greater return on investment.

Will Solar Increase Your Home Value In Wyoming?

Certainly, it is anticipated that adding PV panels will increase the value of your home in Wyoming. According to Zillow’s research, solar conversion typically results in a 4.1% boost in a home’s value. Based on the state’s current property values, that amounts to an average of close to $14,000.

Going solar is anticipated to have the greatest financial impact in larger cities because real estate values are more likely to be greater. So, it is likely that solar will add the most value in cities like Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Gillette, and Laramie.

We should also point out that Casper residents are likely to benefit more from solar conversion than homeowners in other cities, according to statistics from Oil City News, which indicates that Casper has seen exceptional growth in solar popularity.

Should Wyoming residents go with a pro or do it themselves for solar installation?

Homeowners with DIY experience often wonder if they can install solar energy systems on their homes themselves. DIY solar conversion is possible, and it should save you around $10,000 on your installation costs. However, there are some significant downsides to installing your own panels that can negate those savings.

Some things to consider include:

  • DIY panels have shorter warranties or none at all
  • DIY panels aren’t as efficient as professional ones
  • Roof leaks are more common with DIY solar installations

What Qualities Should Residents of Wyoming Look for in a Solar Installer?

Wyoming residents may not have an excessively large selection of solar installers to choose from, but even narrowing down the options among those that do serve the state can be difficult and time-consuming. We believe it’s critical to concentrate on the following characteristics to make it simpler for you to select a trustworthy business in Wyoming that fulfills your requirements:

  • Panel performance
  • Warranty protection
  • Pricing and payment choices are offered.

In the sections that follow, we’ll explain why we advise putting special emphasis on these three elements.

Panel Efficiency

We advise beginning your search for a solar supplier by looking for top solar panel manufacturers with above-average efficiency ratings.

The amount of sunny days in Wyoming is above average, but due to the state’s northern location, the sunshine is not as strong as it is in most other states. Less intensity translates into a slower pace of electricity production. A high-efficiency panel can reduce your actual electricity costs more by reducing losses caused by insufficient intensity.

Moreover, Wyoming provides net energy metering, however the credits for extra energy are given at a price that is less than the retail price per kilowatt-hour (kWh). High-efficiency panels let you optimize the credits you receive and get a little bit closer to paying nothing for energy.

Warranty Coverage

Secondly, we advise carefully examining the warranty coverage provided by the businesses you are considering. The warranty packages offered by many installers in Wyoming are below average, and longer, more comprehensive warranties are more likely to protect you well and end up saving you money in the long run.

We advise giving the craftsmanship warranty first priority. Roof leaks are more frequent in Wyoming than in many other states due to the region’s high snowfall, and a workmanship warranty can help protect your finances from leaks and the ensuing property damage.

Price and Payment Options

Although the price of solar systems in Wyoming is comparable to the national average, you’ll still have to pay about $24,000 before rebates and tax breaks. A fantastic approach to save money on your system and increase your return on investment is to select a firm like GenPro Energy Solutions, whose costs are significantly lower than the industry average.

We also advise you to think about your payment choices. In Wyoming, the majority of installers only accept cash and solar loans. It can be simple to rule out some local providers if you are aware that you must or would prefer to use a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) to pay for your system.