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ADT Solar

ADT Solar

  • 25-year warranty on panel, inverter and labor
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Guaranteed production for 25 years
  • No online quotes
  • Some customers have noticed a decline in service quality during the pandemic
  • Some customers have experienced permitting issues

About ADT Solar

ADT Solar sells and installs solar panels from Enphase, LG, Unirac, and Outback Power, among other brands. It handles all permits and inspections and backs up its work with a 25-year guarantee that covers labor, power production, and some parts and systems. The company operates in 22 states across the country.

What is ADT Solar?

ADT Solar is a solar energy company that installs solar panel systems that are connected to the power grid in 22 states. It can make your system work in a few weeks. ADT Solar also puts in Tesla Powerwall energy storage and solar batteries so that you have power at night and don’t have to pay more for electricity during a surge.

ADT Solar systems come with a 25-year guarantee on labor, a 25-year guarantee on power production, a 25-year guarantee on how well the panel modules work, and a 25-year guarantee on the Enphase microinverters. LG, Enphase, Outback Power, and Unirac are all brands.

The company also has a roofing division that can handle any problems with roof damage and make sure that the best practices are used for installing solar panels. If your solar panels get broken, ADT Solar can also help you take them down and put them back up again.

All of ADT Solar’s repair and maintenance work is done in-house. If a customer’s panels get broken, they are covered by the 25-year guarantee and won’t have to pay to fix them.

How does ADT Solar work?

ADT Solar can help you get started by giving you free estimates and energy audits. A solar expert will work with you to design a solar energy system that fits your needs and makes your property as efficient as possible.

ADT Solar handles the permits, inspections, and electrical work. Once the company puts up the panels and the utility company puts up the net meter, the system starts making electricity right away.

You only pay for the electricity that your system doesn’t make, and any extra electricity will be sent back to the city grid. Depending on where you are, net metering works a little bit differently.

Enphase Enlighten gives customers who get an ADT Solar solar system a lifetime of online monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Track how much energy is being used, see real-time performance data, make sure the system is running normally, and get alerts if there are any problems with the array.

ADT Solar cost

ADT Solar says that installing solar panels costs between $11,000 and $25,000 on average. The exact cost depends on the square footage, the number of kilowatts used, and whether or not the roof faces south. You can get rebates and tax credits in some places.

Customers who qualify can finance an ADT Solar system with $0 down. You can also get a solar loan or pay for the system all at once (solar purchase). ADT Solar also suggests looking into an Energy Efficient Mortgage, which takes into account how energy efficient a home is.

Does ADT Solar provide a warranty?

Yes, ADT Solar provides a 25-year warranty on labor, power production, panel module performance and Enphase microinverters.

What financing programs does ADT Solar offer?

ADT Solar partners with solar loan providers to offer zero-down financing. The company also accepts solar loans from banks and credit unions. An Energy Efficient Mortgage can also finance a solar energy system.

What brands of solar panels are available from ADT Solar?

ADT Solar sells products from LG, Enphase, Outback Power and Unirac.

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