• Customized Solutions
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • Products and Warranties
  • Electricity Storage Options
  • Elevation Home Energy Solutions
  • NABCEP-Certified
  • Positive Elevation Reviews
  • Communication Concerns

Elevation, a company founded in 2014, wants to make solar energy accessible and affordable for houses all throughout the country. The company wants to use solar ownership, energy management advancements, and technology to help people lower occupancy costs while increasing the value of their houses.

In terms of the total number of kilowatts of solar energy installed, the company made it into the top 100 list of Solar Power World Magazine’s top 500 solar contractors in both 2018 and 2019. Based in Arizona is Elevation Solar.

Individualized Solutions

Every customer receives a unique solar energy solution from Elevation Solar instead of simply one generic one. Instead, you’ll receive a customized solar installation made to meet your needs.

When you get in touch with Elevation Solar, a company representative will visit your house to evaluate your circumstances and the possibility for a solar roof. The size of the panels you’ll need and the additional equipment that will work best for your home’s size and electricity usage will then be determined by a solar power expert. Elevation Solar will walk you through the entire procedure and let you know what to anticipate from the overall customer experience.

You can submit a copy of your power bill to get a rapid price for a digital solar system in as little as 24 hours. After that, you can check the estimate at your leisure and get in touch with an Elevation Solar Energy Consultant with any inquiries.

Potential clients can obtain a good estimate of what solar would cost through this hassle-free quote process without having to take time out of their schedule to meet with someone or be “sold” to by an installer.

Various Financing Methods

The business provides a variety of financing solutions, such as outright purchases, solar loans, solar leases, and power purchase agreements, to assist you in paying for your clean energy expenses (PPA).

PPAs and leases still allow you to benefit from a lower energy bill, but purchase and loans will enable homeowners to take advantage of the solar incentive and tax credit and are perhaps more profitable for homeowners in the long term (and often require 0 down).

Warranties & Products

The company mainly sells solar panel modules made by LG and Panasonic. Both brands have a 25-year warranty that covers product, performance, and delivery, and both have good ratings for energy efficiency and temperature coefficient (the degree to which efficiency is impaired in high-temperature conditions). Additionally, Elevation Solar offers Enphase inverters with a 25-year warranty.

For all installations, Elevation Solar also provides a 25-year labor and construction warranty.

Options for storing electricity

Elevation Solar distinguishes itself from rivals by providing a wide range of solar technology and battery storage systems, including LG Chem batteries, to help consumers save money on their electric bills with clean energy and be ready for power outages, according to the company’s comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section.

Home Energy Solutions by Elevation

Elevation Solar offers a range of other goods and services to help clients make their houses more energy-efficient in addition to solar systems and battery storage, such as the following:

  • retrofitting LED lighting
  • dependable pool pumps
  • Systematic control of energy
  • facilities for recharging electric vehicles
  • automatic illumination
  • solutions for video and security
  • digital thermostats

Elevation Solar’s installation specialists have earned certification from NABCEP. An association with industry recognition, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), encourages technological proficiency and best practices among solar enterprises.

Positive Reviews of the Elevator

Numerous reputable review sites, including Best Company and others, have given Elevation favorable ratings. According to numerous evaluations, the solar company did a fantastic job at every stage of the process, from installing solar panels to offering trustworthy customer support after the work was over.

One particularly favorable review praised Elevation’s office employees for their patience in answering his queries, the general caliber of their services, and an exceptional solar installation.


Elevation has established a solid reputation as a reliable solar company by providing highly rated solar panels, specialized solar system solutions, and outstanding warranties that ensure your investment is protected.

If you reside in the service area for the business, we advise reading the Elevation reviews listed below and getting in touch with them for more details.

Elevation FAQ

What is pros and cons of Elevation

Elevation Pros:

  • Customized Solutions
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • Products and Warranties
  • Electricity Storage Options
  • Elevation Home Energy Solutions
  • NABCEP-Certified
  • Positive Elevation Reviews

Elevation Cons:

  • Communication Concerns

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