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ES Solar

  • High-quality products and services
  • Experienced technical specialists and engineers
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Limited range of products and services
  • Higher price compared to other companies
  • Limited geographic availability

About company

A solar contractor with a base in Utah named ES Solar focuses on both business and residential solar projects. Each client’s specialized ES Solar staff will be present every step of the way, starting with the initial sale and consultation and continuing until the solar system is operational. The method through which ES Solar does business enables a smooth and quick transition from dirty and nonrenewable energy sources.

Even though ES Solar is growing, it still doesn’t function as a corporate solar chain. This enables ES Solar to concentrate on its service areas and gain a thorough understanding of each region it installs in. This local expertise aids in quickly securing permits and setting up and launching systems.

In the solar industry, the ES Solar service has received high marks. Each employee of ES Solar is adequately qualified, has the required expertise, and knowledge to complete all related solar jobs. All of ES Solar’s certified professional installers have completed the NABCEP training program.


Individualized Solar Plan

Each client of ES Solar will get a unique, personalized solar plan. Even though measurements are a part of these plans, they are not the only basis for them. Many solar firms base system design decisions on the size of a property, whereas ES Solar digs deeper to identify unique energy requirements.

The specifics of energy use, sun exposure, roof type, etc. are included in each client-specific strategy. Professionals with the appropriate credentials have developed and presented these proposals. It should be mentioned that ES Solar offers these personalized solar programs as a free service.

Prospective clients can make sure that any queries or worries are answered during this stage of the procedure, and everyone will have the chance to approve the plan.

Extensive service area

Although ES Solar’s headquarters and initial operations were in Utah, the company soon expanded to offer local services in a number of states. The vast majority of businesses in the solar industry only offer services in one state, a small number of towns or counties, or in other relatively limited geographic areas. State-by-state serviced by ES Solar at the moment includes:

  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • Idaho

The entire states of Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho will all have solar installations carried out by ES Solar. The following states are being considered for firm expansion:

  • Nevada
  • Texas

This growth is significant because it demonstrates how seriously ES Solar is committed to offering its services to everyone who is interested in using clean solar energy. Not all solar businesses can make that claim.

Battery Replacements

Along with solar installations and systems, battery and storage solutions are growing in popularity. Although several solar companies have begun to see the possibilities of solar batteries or storage, not all of them provide their customers with battery solutions or installation. Battery solutions and Sonnen installations are provided by ES Solar.

The following benefits are available to customers that employ ES Solar battery solutions:

  • Constant access to stored solar energy so that residences with battery solutions are no longer affected by power outages by solar-powered equipment that is hidden, out of the way, and sleek in designreduces utility costs while maximizing solar energyoverall carbon footprint reductions
  • Having a battery solution installed has additional benefit besides offering constant electricity. Rocky Mountain Power offers a program that involves an upfront financial incentive, the creation of bill credits, and energy independence to homeowners in its service zone.

Active Observation

SolarEdge systems are installed by ES Solar. This equipment has been built and tested to endure adverse weather conditions and to produce electricity in an efficient and reliable manner, which qualifies it as tier-1 solar equipment.

ES Solar will set up the cloud-based active monitoring offered by SolarEdge for each client in order to guarantee that the system is functioning properly. Not all solar customers have access to system monitoring, but ES Solar gives the customer immediate access to that data.

With this type of active monitoring, a property owner may always examine the effectiveness and output of the system and get alerts if something goes wrong.

Continual Warranty

Many solar businesses will rely on the equipment’s maker to offer warranties. Normally, these warranties are valid for 25 years. After that, the solar business will normally provide a workmanship warranty covering any installation-related problems. These warranties typically last for 10 years.

With its lifetime warranty, ES Solar elevates the bar of protection for customers. The most important aspect of the warranty is what is covered and guaranteed, not how long it lasts. Customers won’t have to worry about hassles and replacing faulty parts with the ES Solar warranty because ES Solar keeps extra parts on available to repair any damages right away.

When dealing with the solar installation firm and the equipment manufacturer, the majority of solar clients no longer have to wait. There is no paperwork, no back-and-forth correspondence, and no interruption in the production of energy.

Uncertain Financing Alternative

The majority of property owners rapidly discover how pricey solar may be up front because it is an investment. A solar energy system for a home typically costs between $15,000 and $25,000. Not everyone is able to pay for that upfront and in full on their own.

Most solar companies provide a variety of financing options to lessen budgetary restrictions. Many solar installation firms offer options to match practically any budget, whether it is through a loan, lease, or PPA program.

Although ES Solar asserts to offer some form of financing plan, the specifics are at best scant. The sort of financing supplied (whether a loan or PPA) is unknown, and the facts are not made available to the public. This makes it challenging for potential customers who are aware that a financing option will be required to install the system.

The conclusion

ES Solar is a complete solar installation business that offers services from beginning to end. Each client will profit from a personalized solar plan created specifically with the needs of the property in mind. Although ES Solar is a domestic business, its services are being offered in several states across the nation.

ES Solar offers interested clients battery solutions in addition to solar system services. ES Solar will make sure that each client may actively monitor system production and energy usage once the system and all associated equipment are installed. A lifetime warranty is provided by ES Solar for both its products and services.

While most residential and commercial consumers would value a variety of ES Solar’s services, there are some restrictions to be aware of. It’s unclear what financing alternatives ES Solar offers. There is a ton of information available on how to get tax benefits, but those incentives will only significantly lower system costs. Other financing choices would be welcomed by many potential customers.

All things considered, everyone in ES Solar’s service region would probably profit from what the business has to offer. The installation of a highly efficient renewable energy source is practically guaranteed by its properly trained team and lifetime warranty.

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