Fronius USA

Fronius USA

Fronius USA

  • Strongest brand names and recognitions in the solar inverter market.
  • Helpful support staff to handle sales and service enquiries.
  • High prices compared to competitors
  • Customer service can be slow to respond

Company Background

In the solar industry, Fronius is well-known and widely recognized as the top maker of string solar inverters. This reputation is built on reliability, quality, and service—not on sales volume. The solar inverter is the most intricate and hence most susceptible to malfunctioning aspect of any solar system. Reliability is essential because inverter errors frequently result in complete system shutdown and may be exceedingly annoying for both installers and customers.

The engineering, design, and production of every Fronius solar inverter takes place in Austria. It comes as no surprise that Fronius is regarded as the industry leader in power conversion equipment given its more than 50 years of experience in inverter (welder) design and manufacturing. With the introduction of the first Fronius solar inverter in 1994, the company’s history of designing high-performance welding inverters offered the appropriate foundation for expanding into the production of solar inverters.

Fronius continued to build a variety of solar inverters, but it wasn’t until the snap-in inverter (snapINverter) family was introduced in 2012 that the company really made a splash and gained a devoted following globally. SMA had previously been universally recognized as the market leader. SMA ran into some problems when switching to the AV series inverters of the current generation and fell well behind Fronius. They are one of the few producers that can still compete with Fronius in terms of quality and dependability, nevertheless.


PV power solutions for residential and commercial use are produced by Fronius USA. Fronius USA provides string control, grid-connected PV inverters, grid-tied PV inverters, central inverters, and system monitoring. A hybrid fuel cell with integrated backup storage will also be available from Fronius, making clean, emission-free energy a viable option.


It is clear after reading this evaluation why Fronius is regarded as a top maker of solar inverters. When it comes down to it, the explanations are rather straightforward: great build quality, tested performance, and dependability from a seasoned manufacturer. The only major issue is that it’s currently fairly challenging to obtain one because to the low availability and strong demand.

A greater degree of performance and dependability, particularly in harsh settings, appears to have been made possible by the choice to incorporate active cooling into all inverter platforms. Many installers were won over by the ingenious snap-in design, cutting-edge connectivity, and features like the inbuilt DC isolator and string fusing. This, along with excellent service and support, ensures that any difficulties have been dealt with right away. This kind of service and dependability are crucial in a market plagued with inexpensive, faulty inverters.

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Fronius USA

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Fronius USA