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Lumina Solar

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Are you tired of the ever-increasing electricity bills? We get the frustration; it’s difficult to manage finances at this inflation rate. Mind us giving you a solution? Switch to Lumina Solar. 

What is Lumina Solar?

Lumina Solar is a solar company whose ground basis was laid by people who have been in the business for years. They offer various services, such as installation, roofing, maintenance, warranty, and more. The team works diligently to ensure that the best of the benefits reach the customers to gain their trust and satisfaction and turn them into returning customers. 

For a long time, people have steered clear of solar panels due to the difficulty offered in installation and maintenance by the providing companies. However, Lumina Solar has worked closely to eliminate this issue and offer people a chance to choose a sustainable lifestyle in a trouble-free manner. 

Production of the company:

Lumina Solar is mainly a solar panel installation company. It does not produce its solar panels, but rather they are acquired from leading solar panel manufacturing brands. It offers solar panels from the finest companies such as:

  • LG | Solar
  • SILFAB Solar
  • Trina Solar

These are a few of the many solar panels they offer. The warranty is according to the basic industry standards. 

Cost of solar panels:

The average cost for solar panels is expected to be between 16,000$-20,000$. The price varies depending upon the type of solar panel and the company.

Three different types of solar panels are available in the market:

  • Monocrystalline solar panels cost around 6000$-10,000$ 
  • Polycrystalline solar panels are relatively cheaper, and the entire system costs approximately 5000$-6000$
  • Thin Film solar panels are priced between 6000$-8000$

The prices mentioned above do not include the installation and maintenance costs. The installation price depends upon the company and can range between 10,000$-30,000$. 

Lumina Solar has a loan option available for its customers. The aim is to make sustainable and renewable energy sources available for everyone. 

Maintenance of solar panels: 

Luckily, solar panels are not high maintenance. Experts recommend a bi-yearly inspection and cleaning to eliminate any dirt and debris that may have covered the panels. 

Another way to check whether the solar panels are working at their maximum efficiency is to track their energy production. If it goes below average, minus the weather changes, there’s something to worry about. If you live in an area that experiences hefty rainfall, then cleaning is not worth worrying about. Make sure they are installed at an inclination. 

Ground-mounted solar panels are easier to clean compared to rooftop systems. Think thoroughly to make an informed decision. 

What are the advantages of having solar panels?

  • Save money:

Everyone is tired of paying hundreds of dollars every month in electricity bills. Solar panels offer people a chance to reduce costs and utilize the sun’s energy to generate electricity and live guilt-free. Some people argue that the installation cost is high, but it saves money in the long run.

  • Protect the environment: 

It’s no secret that fossil fuel resources are heavily exhausted. Furthermore, burning fuel produces harmful gases that severely affect the environment and contribute to climate change. By shifting to solar panels, you’re contributing to reducing emissions and combating extreme weather changes. Remember, change starts from within. 

  • Accessibility for everyone:

Many rural areas in underdeveloped countries face electricity issues. Either the village is too far from the urban area to have sufficient electricity channels, or the people cannot pay the bill. In such cases, NGOs and other welfare organizations can invest in solar panels and provide them to the affected areas. Natural light energy can be used to produce renewable energy. 

  • Sustainability: 

Lately, a wide set of people have started shifting towards a sustainable lifestyle. In such scenarios, conventional electricity does not align with the principles. Solar panels enable such people to live as per their ideologies and reduce their carbon footprint. 

What are the disadvantages of solar panels?

High costs:

The upfront cost of solar panels is not affordable for everyone. While the change may help save tons of money, the total price for installation is relatively high later. The government has offered tax return rebates in many countries to encourage people to shift toward renewable energy sources. 

Not moving-friendly:

Let’s suppose you installed Solar panels some years. Now, you bought a new house and are planning to shift. Moving solar panels from one place to another isn’t easy. It’s strenuous, labor-intensive, and involves a huge chunk of money in the form of payments. 

Weather Dependency:

It’s common sense that solar panels heavily depend on the light energy from the sun. However, their capacity for energy production is reduced significantly. If the panel were producing working at 85% capacity, it would shift to 60%. 

Space issues:

A single solar panel isn’t enough to produce sufficient energy to run the entire household. Therefore, 20–24 solar panels are required to power the whole house efficiently. This takes up a lot of space and is usually not very convenient. 


Solar panels are an excellent long-term investment option and the ideal way to reduce the carbon footprint. Weigh out the pros and cons to see what works for you and aligns with the lifestyle. Lumina Solar is a great company and the reviews given to them by customers mirror the customer services they offer. The most important thing is to make an informed decision. 

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