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Mynt Solar

Mynt Solar

  • High-quality products and services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Excellent customer service
  • Geographic limitations in service area
  • Limited range of products and services

Customers in Utah and California can purchase home and commercial solar energy systems, energy storage, and roof solutions from Mynt Solar, which has its headquarters in Lehi, Utah. Homeowners who are interested in using solar energy to lower their energy costs can arrange a free consultation in person, by phone, or via video chat.


Full-Service Business

Mynt Solar advises, develops, installs, and supports each solar panel array on its own, as opposed to subcontracting its solar projects to another installer. If the homeowner’s solar panels don’t create as much energy as Mynt Solar projects, the firm will repay customers the difference in cash. This shows how confident the company is in its product that it even includes a one-year production guarantee on every solar power system it installs.

Definite Payment Terms

Mynt Solar offers those interested in investing in solar energy simple and transparent payment arrangements, in contrast to many solar installers in the sector. The solar contractor provides these principles as background for the business’s two distinct payment methods, even though the total cost of each solar panel installation is unique to the rooftop it is being mounted to:

Outright purchase – For clients interested in buying their systems outright, Mynt will need a 50% down payment before the solar panel installation and the balance 50% after the system is operational.
Solar loan — Mynt Solar provides a zero money down payment plan for 20 years at a 2..99 percent interest rate for clients interested in brokering through a third-party solar lender (these terms can be adjusted depending on need).
Both of these alternatives give the homeowner access to the federal solar tax credit, which can result in annual savings of several hundred dollars.

Installer certified by REC

REC Group panels are installed by Mynt Solar. These panels surpass any top manufacturer in terms of toughness, power output, and aesthetics. They have great efficiency, with some models reaching as high as 21.7 percent; the majority of solar panels fall between 15 and 20 percent. For every roof-mounted system, REC Group-certified installers provide a 25-year labor warranty in addition to the 20-year materials warranty that comes with REC Group panels.

Mynt Solar employees and solar installers who are not NABCEP-certified do not appear to be such. The North American Board of Certified Energy Providers (NABCEP) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for best practices and high standards while safeguarding customers from industry practices that use predatory sales and installation methods.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) sponsored North America Smart Energy Week, and Mynt Solar has actively participated in it. Despite this, industry-recognized certifications, such as the one from the NABCEP, can give customers additional assurance of the reliability and professionalism of the solar company they are working with.

No PPA or Lease

Customers of Mynt Solar cannot choose between leasing or power purchase agreements (PPAs). These choices may be cost-effective alternatives for clients who cannot afford the thousands of dollars required to purchase for a solar panel system, even if they do not give system ownership or access to tax credits. While a PPA allows consumers to solely pay for the electricity their roof-mounted systems produce, solar leases allow customers to “rent” their panels at a lower monthly rate than their regular energy bill.

State of Limited Availability

Customers of Mynt Solar can only be found in California and Utah. Although this solar firm is not the only one with such a constrained service area, Mynt Solar does operate in a competitive solar industry where many installers are vying for business. Verified customer reviews that support the company’s claims about its products and customer service would be very helpful for businesses like Mynt Solar.

The conclusion

Mynt Solar has more than five years of expertise in the solar and roofing industries, and has proven its capacity to prosper in a cutthroat environment. The solar installation business installs high-quality solar panels that are guaranteed to last at least 20 years and provides reasonable financing options for clients interested in purchasing their solar panel systems outright. Despite this, it doesn’t seem like the business has any recognized certifications.

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