NRG Clean Power

NRG Clean Power

NRG Clean Power
  • Exceptional customer reviews and BBB rating
  • 25-year warranty on panels, workmanship, inverters, roof, and racking
  • Offers performance guarantee
  • Multilingual team makes services accessible to a wide range of homeowners
  • Limited service area
  • Specific pricing information isn’t available online

As the price of electricity goes up, many people are turning to solar energy as a way to keep their utility costs from going through the roof. Switching to solar energy is an exciting process, but it needs careful planning and strict rules to make sure the end result works as it should.

Choosing a great solar provider is an important part of this process, but there are a lot of them, so it can be hard. With more than 30 years of experience, NRG Clean Power is a strong competitor. The company makes it easier to switch to solar power, which makes sure the change goes smoothly.

Our review of NRG Clean Power goes into detail about its costs, financing, and customer reviews to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your solar project.

NRG Clean Power overview

Choosing a knowledgeable and experienced solar provider is the difference between a long, drawn-out, and stressful switch to solar and an easy, headache-free switch. So, choosing a solar provider isn’t the only step, but it’s arguably one of the most important ones.

NRG Clean Power is a good choice for people who live in the area it serves. It has great reviews from customers, thorough consultations, a great BBB rating (A+), long warranties, great customer service, and an easy, painless installation process.

Changing to solar is an exciting and big decision, whether you own your home or are just renting. You need to think about a lot of different things. This review of NRG Clean Power will tell you about the most important parts of the company so you can choose the best solar company for your project.

NRG Clean Power Company Profile

Company nameNRG Clean Power
Year founded1987
HeadquartersCanoga Park, California
ServicesSolar panel and battery back-up installation
CertificationsDiamond certified, BBB, SEIA, American Solar Energy Society, SEPA, UL, Solar Power World
# of Employees11-50
BBB rating:A+
Our Rating:3.7/5
Average Cost:N/A

Solar Services & Cost

ProviderNRG Clean Power
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery back-up installation
Average CostN/A
Service AreasCalifornia and Texas
Payment OptionsSpecific information unavailable

How Much Does NRG Clean Power Cost?

The NRG Clean Power website doesn’t have specific cost information, which is a shame. But this is pretty normal for solar companies, since there are too many variables to give an exact cost estimate. Since each solar installation is unique, costs can be very different from one house to the next.

Since that doesn’t help much, we can give you a general idea of what to expect in terms of costs based on the national averages in the United States. In the United States, the average cost per watt of a solar energy system is $2.94, and the average size of a system is 5 kilowatts.

We can use these averages to figure out that the average cost of a solar energy system is $11,000. Most solar energy companies add an extra 100% to 200% to cover business costs. This means that a home solar energy system will cost between $22,000 and $33,000.

The price of your solar energy system will depend on how much a watt costs in your state and how big your system is. So, you could end up paying more or less than these estimates. You can also use federal and local rebates, so the cost could be much lower if you take advantage of all the available incentives.


NRG Clean Power has great warranty coverage, with some parts of its services covered for 25 years. On its website, NRG Clean Power says that its customers get 25-year warranties on the panels, workmanship, inverters, roof, racks, and performance.

Solar equipment usually comes with a 25-year warranty, but guarantees for work, racking, roof, and performance are not as common. This is a good sign for the company because it shows that it has faith in its team’s ability to install solar equipment quickly and safely so that it works well and doesn’t break down during its warranty period.

Financing Plans & Options

According to the company’s website, homeowners can buy from NRG Clean Power in a number of different ways. On its website, the company says it works with a number of top financing companies to offer affordable financing options, but it doesn’t say what those options are.

Also, many of the best solar companies offer solar loans, solar leases, and power purchase agreements (PPAs). We suggest that you talk to the company about possible financing options that fit your budget.

Specials or Incentives Offered

Many of the best solar companies have referral programs to encourage people to switch to solar. NRG Clean Power has a great solar referral program that lets customers make thousands of dollars by telling their friends about it.

Customers just need to give their information and the information of a friend to get in on the programs. Once their friend signs up for solar power with NRG Clean Power, the customer gets $500 from the company. Customers can get $500 for each of their first ten referrals, and then they will get $1,000 for each referral after that.

This is a great way for customers to make money compared to many other referral programs.

Other than NRG Clean Power’s solar referral program, there are no other financial incentives for a customer to install solar panels. But the company urges customers to take advantage of local and federal rebates, which can cut a big chunk off the total cost of the system.

For instance, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is worth 26% of the total cost of the system right now (as of 2022). Even though this isn’t available for the up-front cost, solar customers who qualify can use this credit on their taxes and could get up to 26% of the cost of their solar power system back.

In-House or Contracted Installations

NRG Clean Power has a team of people who take care of the whole process of installing solar panels. Outsourcing the installation process can cause problems, especially if the third-party contractors are not very skilled. But NRG Clean Power customers don’t have to worry about this because the company takes care of the process itself.

Many reviews say that NRG Clean Power’s project managers and teams that install solar panels did a good job. They say that the installers work quietly and clean up after themselves.

Service Area & Availability

Given how popular NRG Clean Power is in the area it serves, it’s too bad that the company’s service area isn’t bigger. As of 2022, the company’s services are available in two southern states:

  • California
  • Texas


Based on customer reviews, BBB ratings, and different parts of the company (warranties, financing options, etc.), NRG Clean Power is a good company for your solar project, as long as you live in its service area.

Even though there are some things NRG Clean Power could do better, like explain its financing options in more detail on its website, it seems to be a strong competitor among service providers in its areas. So, if you live in an area that NRG Clean Power serves, it could be the solution to your solar project!


How Long Has NRG Clean Power Been In Business?

NRG Clean Power has been in the renewable energy business for over 30 years, so it knows what it is doing. The company opened in 1987, so it has been in business for almost 35 years.

Where Is The NRG Clean Power Headquarters?

NRG Clean Power has several locations in California and Texas, but its main office is in Canoga Park, California.

What Inverter Does NRG Clean Power Use?

NRG Clean Power uses a variety of inverters, such as ones made by SolarEdge and Enphase. The company sells string inverters, power optimizers, and microinverters from SolarEdge and Enphase, which are some of the best in the industry.

NRG Clean Power FAQ

What is pros and cons of NRG Clean Power

NRG Clean Power Pros:

  • Exceptional customer reviews and BBB rating
  • 25-year warranty on panels, workmanship, inverters, roof, and racking
  • Offers performance guarantee
  • Multilingual team makes services accessible to a wide range of homeowners

NRG Clean Power Cons:

  • Limited service area
  • Specific pricing information isn’t available online

What is average rating of NRG Clean Power

Average rating is 4.75 based on next metrics: Security: 5, Options & Fees: 5, Services & Features: 4.5, Customer Service: 4.5

Solar company:

NRG Clean Power

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Customer Service
4.8 Overall Rating

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