Powervault 3

Powervault 3

Powervault 3

  • Efficient energy storage solution
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with solar panels
  • Can be used for backup power during outages
  • Scalable to meet changing energy needs
  • High initial cost for installation and purchase of Powervault 3
  • May not be suitable for households with low energy consumption
  • Requires professional installation and maintenance

Spending so much time disconnected from the power grid is frustrating. Do you want to still experience that annoyance? Get your off-grid living situation up to par invest in a solar power solution. You’ll be able to stay off-grid without any worries about your electricity supply.

The Powervault 3 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a solar battery. It features an optional capacity of 20.5 kWh, which has the ability to power your home during any disaster or outage. The new battery is a great choice for places that need lots of power but can’t be moved around easily. If you have a property in the suburbs, this battery will power it without breaking its back.

The Powervault 3 comes with two DC inputs, which means that – in the event of an inverter failure – you won’t need to buy a new one. This saves you approximately £1,000.

What are the cons of Powervault 3?

Some solar batteries have great battery capacity and are rather heavy. The Powervault 3 has a 20.5 kWh version that weighs 330 kg, which is heavier than most other solar batteries

Powervault 3 specifications

Typical price£4,999 (up to £14,800 for the 20.5 kWh version)
Dimensions1,270mm x 1,000mm x 250mm
Weight179 kg
Storage capacity8.2 kWh
Usable capacity8.2 kWh
Depth of discharge100%
Max power output5.5 kW
InstallationStanding, indoor only
Limited warranty10 years, or at least 6,000 cycles

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Powervault 3

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Powervault 3