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Officially the cheapest solar in America, Project Solar is priced at half what the national average is. LOWEST PRICE, SAME EQUIPMENT, SAME WARRANTY Through the development of a completely commission-free sales strategy that does away with salespeople, we are able to significantly reduce costs for the consumer.
At Project Solar, we want to make solar power so simple and economical that it replaces other energy options as the most cost-effective choice for all homeowners.

We’ve developed a more effective method that significantly lowers cost while enhancing customer experience by doing away with door-to-door salesmen and utilizing the power of internet marketing e-commerce.

From our remote locations, we are able to develop a system design for your home using contemporary lidar technology and satellite imagery. We are able to offer the most affordable solar in the country without sacrificing quality because to economies of scale on standardized equipment.

As we expand, we keep onboarding qualified partners to enable us to provide full-service installation at reasonable flat pricing.

Join us as we push for the national expansion of green and solar programs.

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