Puget Sound Solar

Puget Sound Solar

Puget Sound Solar

  • Quality installation services
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • High-quality solar panels and equipment
  • Offers financing options
  • Provides excellent customer service
  • Prices are higher than some competitors
  • Long wait times for installation due to high demand
  • May not offer the most competitive financing options

A solar and energy system installer in the Puget Sound region is called Puget Sound Solar. The business is in charge of developing, marketing, and putting solar and electric projects into place while overseeing all aspects of operation from the time of the initial sale.

Jeremy Smithsonian and Pamela Burton launched the business in the beginning in 2001. The alliance aimed to give Puget Sound inhabitants a future that was greener and more sustainable. Puget Sound Solar employs over 50 full-time team members and has over 20 years of experience in the solar sector.

Puget Sound Solar has so far put in more than 21,000 kilowatts, more than 2,000 solar projects, and more than 1,600 EV charging stations. The knowledge Puget Sound Solar has in this region of Washington is unsurpassed.

Knowledge and Licensure

The first solar installation business in Seattle was Puget Sound Solar. To date, Puget Sound Solar has provided installation services to 35% of all Seattle-area solar owners. All of Puget Sound Solar’s managers hold the highest star cards in the solar industry and are all NABCEP certified.

Puget Sound Solar is more than capable of managing any solar project from start to finish, including design, installation, assistance with utility and incentive paperwork, as well as finance programs, thanks to its more than two decades of experience. Several solar installation businesses have sprung up in recent years, but Puget Sound Solar’s expertise is unparalleled in its service region.

Loan Choices

Puget Sound Solar has partnered with two credit unions to offer financing options with no money down so that as many Puget Sound residents as possible can have access to sustainable energy. Here is a breakdown of the loan options:

Energy-Smart Financing from PSCCU

In order to help those who want to cut their carbon impact and electricity costs, the Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union partnered with Puget Sound Solar. Details consist of the following:

  • APR: 3.24%–9.84%
  • $50k is the maximum loan amount.
  • Maximum term is 240 months.

Moreover, Verity Credit Union and Puget Sound Solar collaborated to benefit the neighborhood by assisting people and businesses in locating solar financing choices at lower costs. Details consist of the following:

  • APR: 3.49%
  • Loan amount maximum: $60,000
  • Maximum 20-year term

Loan re-amortization once with no fee
Although many companies that install solar panels give their customers financing alternatives, not many work with credit unions to enable customers to take advantage of state rebates that lower the overall cost. Due to this, Puget Sound Solar stands apart from its rivals.

Storage for energy and Powerwall

The need for extra power sources has never been greater due to the rising frequency of natural disasters in the western United States. Any solar photovoltaic system can benefit from energy storage in batteries.

The installation of Enphase and Tesla Powerwall battery and storage systems is authorized by Puget Sound Solar. What Puget Sound Solar has to offer is significant because not all solar companies have access to or the capacity to use battery technology.

Solar instruction

In order to help people who are interested in renewable energy sources, Puget Sound Solar has made it a priority to offer educational and consultancy services. With regard to solar education tools, Puget Sound Solar has specifically aided architects, engineers, real estate brokers, designers, and property managers.

The business holds solar educational sessions where the most recent innovations in technology and installation methods are presented. Few solar firms make it a priority to inform consumers on the value and dependability of solar, but Puget Sound Solar does.

Service Sector

The majority of solar installation businesses have some kind of geographic restriction. Wherever its headquarters may be, a solar installation company often offers services all over the state. Other limited solar installation businesses will only provide installation services in a state’s most prestigious cities or counties.

Puget Sound Solar cannot provide individuals with a more national or regional level of service, in contrast to some solar installation companies. Since the company exclusively provides services to the broader Puget Sound region, not all residents of Washington can use it.

Installation of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Puget Sound Solar also have other electric focuses as part of its offers, while this isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing. The majority of solar system installation businesses only set up solar systems. As part of its growth, Puget Sound Solar now also sets up electric vehicle charging stations. Since 2006, this service has evolved into the company’s primary offering.

The Verdict Puget Sound Solar has the skills, tools, and resources required to build and maintain premium solar systems. The business installs tier-1 solar panels, inverters, and battery/storage systems, provides clients with unrivaled workmanship warranties, and offers a variety of loan alternatives.

But, the company’s services will only be accessible to locals and business owners in the Puget Sound, Washington region. Apart from that, potential solar customers should expect Puget Sound Solar to deliver a high standard of service.

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