Purelight Power

Purelight Power

Purelight Power
  • CO2 Neutral Company
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Financial Savings
  • Undisclosed Solar Brands
  • No NABCEP Certification
  • No Solar Batteries

Purelight Power is an Oregon-based company that was established in 2019 and provides solar power systems for sustainable energy in Oregon, Montana, and Iowa.

The first step of the process is a free, no-obligation consultation to inform you about whether or not your roof is suitable for solar panels and how much money you could save on your energy bill based on your energy requirements. The business then creates a solar system to maximize savings and displays what it might appear like on your roof to you.

In addition to installing the panels and demonstrating how to monitor them, Purelight Power handles the permits and inspections procedures with your municipal and utility company.

Customers are invited to contact Purelight with any questions or issues after installation as a member of the Purelight family.

The CO2 Neutral Company

Vincotte, a third-party organization that inspects, evaluates, trains, and certifies firms in accordance with safety and efficiency standards, has awarded Purelight Power the CO2 Neutral certification. Purelight Power has decreased its carbon dioxide emissions and offers compensation for those that remain, according to the CO2 Neutral label.

Assurance of Performance

Among the guarantees offered by Purelight Power are a 20-year equipment warranty and a 10-year craftsmanship warranty. These are in line with American industry norms.

However, Purelight Power’s performance guarantee is an area in which it shines. With a 25-year performance guarantee, Purelight Power will make up the difference if a customer’s solar power system doesn’t generate as much electricity as Purelight Power said it would.

Monetary savings

Customers of Purelight Power can get a solar power system for no money down and no money out of pocket. Customers make fixed monthly payments that are frequently less expensive than their current electricity bill. There don’t seem to be any hidden costs or sneaky contract clauses, but more customer evaluations are required to give a full judgment about openness.

In order to assist clients in recovering the cost of their system, Purelight Power also works to help them connect to and qualify for local and federal incentives, such as the Federal Solar Tax Credit. The goal of all of these initiatives is to make solar panel installation straightforward and reasonably priced for every consumer.

Private Solar Brands

Although Purelight Power claims that its panels are the best available and that all systems come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, the company does not specifically name any solar manufacturers on its website. Brand differences in panels and inverters have a significant impact on the overall cost, robustness, and energy efficiency of the solar panel system.

NABCEP certification is absent.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), a nationally renowned body in charge of some of the most prestigious and sought-after technician training programs in the solar sector, does not appear to have certified Purelight Power. Even though Purelight Power’s lack of accreditation shouldn’t eliminate it from consideration, homeowners evaluating several solar suppliers in their area may find it helpful.

Lack of solar batteries

Solar batteries and energy storage are not yet offered by Purelight Power as a way to upgrade the solar panel system. Because they can lessen the home’s reliance on the electrical grid and can be used in the event of a grid outage or other emergency, solar storage systems increase the system’s overall efficiency.

The bottom line Purelight Power is a solar firm worth investigating due to its commitment to using clean energy and outstanding performance guarantee.

Customers may install a solar power system with Purelight Power and save up to $41,000 over time on their utility bills with no money down, claims the company’s website.

The 20-year equipment warranty and the 10-year craftsmanship warranty offered by the solar provider are both quite typical in the solar industry. Additionally, Purelight Power offers a 25-year performance warranty on their products.

Purelight Power will cover the difference if a customer’s solar panel system doesn’t produce as much power as Purelight Power estimated it would, leading to higher power company costs for the customer. This goes above and beyond what many solar energy providers provide and inspires a lot of confidence in Purelight Power’s solar energy installations.

Additionally, Purelight Power is a Vincotte Validated CO2 Neutral business. This indicates that Purelight Power has reduced its CO2 emissions and is paying to offset the remainder, as verified by Vincotte, a third party. This sets the solar installation apart from its rivals and reveals its dedication to battling climate change with resources other than solar energy.

The information provided on Purelight Power’s website is lacking, as it does not mention the company’s brand of solar panels, prices, or financing alternatives. Through a conversation with the business, you can learn this information.

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What is pros and cons of Purelight Power

Purelight Power Pros:

  • CO2 Neutral Company
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Financial Savings

Purelight Power Cons:

  • Undisclosed Solar Brands
  • No NABCEP Certification
  • No Solar Batteries

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