Seal Solar

Seal Solar

Seal Solar
  • Qualified Team
  • Variety of Projects
  • Assistance with Tax Credits and Grants
  • Solar Energy Storage with Powerwall
  • Limited Availability

A solar energy business in Arkansas is called Seal Solar. By assuring energy-efficient structures and setting up solar systems, it helps farmers, business owners, and households cut their energy expenditures.

The Daily Record, TB&P, Arkansas Money & Politics, and Arkansas Business have all written about Seal Solar. Learn more about the skills and experience of Seal Solar and how they can assist you.

Competent Team

The Seal Solar team includes experience in financing, construction management, energy, and architecture. The following certificates belong to the business:

EPA Lead Renovator Certified Energy Auditor Seal Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst BPI Quality Control Inspector (QCI) Advanced Combustion Appliance Zone Diagnostics Additionally, Solar has finished hundreds of projects since 2015, demonstrating their experience and proficiency with solar energy.

Numerous Projects

Energy projects for residences, farms, and companies are completed by Seal Solar. Before beginning any project, it is important to confirm that your home is energy-efficient. Solar energy savings and a more energy-efficient home will be to your advantage.

On Seal Solar’s website, you can see images and details about previous projects, which can give you a fair idea of the level of quality you can anticipate. You can obtain the assistance you require for your solar project from Seal Solar thanks to the wide range of unique projects they offer.

Assistance with Grants and Tax Credits

Even though installing solar energy can result in long-term savings and additional benefits, it might be expensive up front. If price is a concern for you, Seal Solar may assist you in locating tax credits and making grant applications. With this help, solar energy is more affordable for you and helps with the initial costs.

Energy Storage from Solar with Powerwall

Unused energy from your solar energy system is kept in Powerwall batteries. This enables you to keep using solar power during the day, as a backup, or on overcast days.

Tesla manufactures the Powerwall batteries. Through a mobile app, you can keep an eye on your system and energy usage. Controlling your solar energy storage is straightforward thanks to the app. To store more solar energy, you can add to your Powerwall system. Alternately, you may keep your original Powerwall batteries and market any extra energy to the grid.

Only a few are available

Only Arkansas sells Seal Solar products. You’ll need to look for another solar company if you live in another state.
the conclusion
Seal Solar is a fantastic business to work with if you live in Arkansas. A highly skilled team with knowledge and experience will work for you. With a solar system, you’ll not only save your energy costs but also enjoy a more energy-efficient building.

The team of professionals at Seal Solar can assist you in lowering your energy bills and installing a solar energy system whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or farmer.

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What is pros and cons of Seal Solar

Seal Solar Pros:

  • Qualified Team
  • Variety of Projects
  • Assistance with Tax Credits and Grants
  • Solar Energy Storage with Powerwall

Seal Solar Cons:

  • Limited Availability

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Seal Solar

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Very good companie

Rated 5 out of 5
March 17, 2023

Many thanks to the Solar Bear team for their superb job! They recently installed solar panels for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The team was competent, experienced, and professional from beginning to end. They spent the necessary time explaining everything to me and responding to all of my inquiries. They kept my place clean and orderly after the installation went smoothly. My energy expenditures have already decreased significantly, and I’m pleased to be helping the environment. I urge everyone thinking about installing solar panels to use Solar Bear.


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