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Shine Solar

Shine Solar

  • Quality Solar Equipment
  • Additional Services
  • Broad Service Area
  • Shine Smart Solar Loan
  • Solid Warranties
  • Average Workmanship Warranty
  • No Lease or PPA Options
  • Not NABCEP Certified

Founded in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2016, Shine Solar is a residential and commercial solar energy and home renovation firm. Since its inception, the business has installed more than 14,700 kilowatts of solar energy in four states: Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. From 2017 to 2020, it was recognized as one of Solar Power World’s “Top 500 Solar Contractors.”

Exceptional Solar Equipment

From initial consultation and design through obtaining the required permits, implementation, and final connectivity to the electricity grid, Shine Solar is there at every stage of the solar installation process. Shine Solar offers consumers a variety of high-efficiency solar panels to select from based on their demands and budget, similar to the majority of solar firms.

The best-known of the company’s chosen panel producers is Silfab Solar, a renowned solar panel manufacturer whose solar cells average close to 20% energy efficiency and come with a 25-year materials warranty.

Shine Solar has a long history of installing Enphase microinverters and storage systems while regularly receiving outstanding customer satisfaction ratings, earning the title of Enphase Gold Installer.

Supplemental Services

To help customers maximize their power bill savings, Shine Solar also offers a variety of house modifications and energy efficiency enhancements in addition to installing approved solar PV systems. These include of improvements to the insulation, energy-saving/LED lighting options, HVAC and conditioning alternatives, and more.

The company also offers solar battery options to households, enabling them to gather and store extra solar energy for usage at any time, whether it be during the day, at night, or in the event of a power outage.

Extensive service area

Shine Solar is aggressively extending its service area despite being a young business. Although it had offices in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Tennessee as well as its home state of Arkansas, the company completed the majority of its solar installation work there. Most recent solar businesses only offer services to one or two states at most.

Loan from Shine Smart Solar

Homeowners may finance a complete solar panel system for 12 months with no payments and no interest thanks to the Shine Smart solar loan. Along with additional state-level incentives, the Shine Solar loan entitles homeowners to the federal solar tax credit of 26%.

Shine Solar’s sibling companies, Shine Home and Shine Air, will provide a number of integrated energy efficiency improvements to homeowners who finance with the company’s loan.

Dependable warranties

Through a series of assurances, Shine Solar gives clients the confidence that their solar energy systems are made to last

Customers will receive free lifetime solar panel monitoring using the company’s mobile app for the duration of their system. Shine Solar will be notified if a system component is not operating at peak efficiency and will arrange a maintenance visit at the homeowner’s earliest convenience.
Each Shine Solar system is guaranteed to operate at peak efficiency for the anticipated 25-year lifespan, which is calculated in the official solar savings report for each Shine Solar client. This is known as the 25-Year Minimum Production Guarantee.
If a Shine Solar customer decides to upgrade their solar panel system and buy new panels, Shine Solar will buy back the components of their old system for 50% of what they originally cost at retail.

Warranty for Marginal workmanship

Additionally, Shine Solar offers consumers a 12-year craftsmanship warranty, which guards against issues arising during installation and covers related maintenance visits. Although the 12-year warranty is a significant improvement over many new solar firms’ offerings, it is still regarded as the industry standard; top solar companies will offer workmanship warranties lasting up to 25 years.

No options to lease or PPA

Customers at Shine Solar are not given the choice to pay for their solar panel installation using a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). Both approaches, which shift ownership responsibility to the installing business, have shown to be very cost-effective for the homeowner. Low monthly payments are a common feature of solar leases and PPAs, which tend to be less expensive than a typical utility bill.

NON NABCEP The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners has not certified Certified Shine Solar (NABCEP). The solar industry’s “gold standard” certifying body is the NABCEP. These certified solar professionals have received some of the most cutting-edge instruction in solar installation and technology anywhere in the world.

The absence of a certification does not necessarily indicate poor service quality on the side of the business, but it may matter to a consumer who is evaluating other solar suppliers in the same region.

The conclusion

Customers are advised to contact Shine Solar for a free home energy audit and first consultation if they are interested in a flexible solar loan option or other ways to increase their house’s energy efficiency besides installing solar panels. The company creates high-quality solar panel systems and offers a range of warranties and guarantees to give customers peace of mind that their systems will survive. Shine Solar is not the firm for you if you’re looking for a cheap lease or PPA solution.

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