Solar Power of Oklahoma

Solar Power of Oklahoma

Solar Power of Oklahoma
  • Full-Service Solar Energy Company
  • High-Quality Equipment
  • Extended Warranty through Solar Insure
  • Cash Purchase and Loan Options
  • SEIA Member
  • NABCEP Certification
  • No Solar Lease or Solar PPA
  • Only Available in Oklahoma

The only full-service solar energy provider based solely in Oklahoma, Solar Power of Oklahoma was founded in 2017. The “Top 500 Solar Contractors” list compiled by Solar Power World Magazine included Sun Power of Oklahoma in both 2018 and 2019. Additionally, Solar Power of Oklahoma actively participates in the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

An all-inclusive solar energy provider

Being a full-service solar energy provider, Solar Power of Oklahoma does not hire outside contractors to complete its solar installations. Customers benefit from engaging with a full-service solar installer since the entire procedure is consistent from beginning to end:

Obtaining a Price — Solar Power of Oklahoma’s Solar Advisors will speak with homeowners directly to provide a free quote and consultation. The home’s solar rating will then be determined, and a final cost estimate for the suggested solar array will be given by solar professionals.

Creating the System The bespoke system components will then be laid out by Solar Power of Oklahoma’s in-house design team in a way that will maximize solar energy output and electric bill savings.

Installing the Array — After obtaining all the permits, the certified solar panel installers from Solar Power of Oklahoma will start constructing the solar panel system on-site.
saving clients money The customer’s solar energy system will formally join the grid once Solar Power of Oklahoma notifies the utility company that the system has been installed in accordance with code.

Superior Equipment

Homeowners can trust that if they deal with Solar Power of Oklahoma, they will obtain high-efficiency solar panels and inverters: Solar Power of Oklahoma installs premium, tier-1 solar equipment into each of its systems.

Q CELLS Solar Panels: With a 12-year equipment guarantee and an energy efficiency range of 17.1 to 20.1 percent, Q CELLS is one of the solar industry’s top five most energy-efficient producers.

Enphase Solar Inverter – Enphase microinverters are highly regarded by solar installation firms for their high efficiency rate of converting solar power into electricity and their generous 25-year warranty. Enphase inverters are guaranteed to endure the lifetime of the solar panel system, despite having a higher price tag than other inverters on the market.

IronRidge Solar Racking — For more than 20 years, IronRidge has collaborated with solar experts like Solar Power of Oklahoma to create “strong, simple, and cost-effective products.” IronRidge provides some of the most renowned and frequently used solar racking equipment in the market.
Additional Warranty provided by Solar Insure
Through Solar Insure, Solar Power of Oklahoma will start offering an extended warranty that is backed by insurance in April 2022. The guarantee, which is valid for 30 years, includes labor and replacement parts in addition to remote monitoring of panels and inverters. The best in the business is represented by this 30-year warranty.

Options for Cash Purchase and Loans

Customers of Solar Power of Oklahoma have two options for financing their solar energy systems:

  • Outright purchase of a solar panel system has the highest upfront costs, but it also has many advantages, including access to the federal solar tax credit and other incentives. At least in the state of Oklahoma, the system will be able to pay for itself in about 16 years.
  • Cash Purchase — This is frequently the quickest way to secure a quick return on investment.

Customers who might not have the financial resources to pay for their system in full can choose between two additional financing options from Solar Power of Oklahoma, including a solar loan. Customers must have a credit score of at least 650 to qualify for the first option, which requires no money down, and for the second option, local banks and mortgage firms. A solar loan also enables clients to get the federal tax credit, just like a cash purchase would.

Member of SEIA

The Solar Energy Industries Association counts Solar Power of Oklahoma as one of its active members (SEIA). By 2030, the SEIA, a well-known industry champion, wants to see 20 percent of American homes powered by solar energy. The group advocates for legislation to increase employment in the solar industry, enhance solar energy’s competitive environment, and reduce consumer electricity bills.

Certification by NABCEP

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners has granted Solar Power of Oklahoma a certification (NABCEP). The NABCEP and SEIA are both respected organizations in the industry, however the NABCEP promotes best practices inside the business, whilst the SEIA focuses more on policy and solar advocacy at the state and national levels. Professionalism, sales techniques, installation and licensing guidelines, and technology adoption are some of these best practices.

No Solar PPA or Solar Lease

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Solar Power of Oklahoma offers any leasing or power purchase agreement (PPA) options to assist homeowners in going solar. Solar leases reduce costs by giving the installing business complete ownership of the system and charging clients a set monthly fee that effectively “rents” the system.

In contrast, PPAs only charge consumers for the renewable energy that their systems generate, and like solar leases, they totally bear the cost of maintenance and upkeep. Customers will not be eligible for solar tax breaks or incentives because neither choice allows for ownership of the solar installation.

Exclusive to Oklahoma

The services of Solar Power of Oklahoma, which install solar panels, are only available to Oklahoman citizens. Even though the company was founded in 2017 and has installed an outstanding number of kilowatts (3,846) across the state, its reach is still limited in comparison to the more well-known national companies. Through verifiable reviews from actual clients, local providers like Solar Power of Oklahoma will more successfully stand out from the competition.

The conclusion

The solar energy company Solar Power of Oklahoma is impressive for its size and has taken many steps to ensure that its clients receive high-quality, reasonably priced systems installed by in-house professionals. Residents of the company’s coverage area are urged to learn more about Solar Power of Oklahoma’s options. Just keep in mind that the company only works with clients who are interested in acquiring ownership of their systems; if you’re looking for a lease or PPA option, you might want to look at other possibilities.

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What is pros and cons of Solar Power of Oklahoma

Solar Power of Oklahoma Pros:

  • Full-Service Solar Energy Company
  • High-Quality Equipment
  • Extended Warranty through Solar Insure
  • Cash Purchase and Loan Options
  • SEIA Member
  • NABCEP Certification

Solar Power of Oklahoma Cons:

  • No Solar Lease or Solar PPA
  • Only Available in Oklahoma

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