South Coast Solar

South Coast Solar

South Coast Solar

  • High-quality installation and maintenance
  • Wide range of services from design to installation
  • Expertise in various solar energy systems
  • Higher cost compared to other firms
  • Longer project completion time
  • Limited geographical availability

South Coast Solar is a local solar company with its headquarters in Metairie. It only does business in Louisiana. Because it’s small, people in the area know it for having great customer service and good communication. Its technicians are always willing to help you take advantage of local solar incentives and rebates, and they provide great customer service even after your solar panel system is installed and connected to the grid.

South Coast Solar mostly installs SunPower panels, which are widely thought to be the most energy-efficient panels on the market. This equipment is more expensive than most other brands, but it makes the most energy and saves you the most money on your electric bills, which is especially important in Louisiana, where electricity prices are going up. Maxeon, SunPower’s sister company, makes the equipment. It also comes with a strong warranty that is great for people in Louisiana. It goes back 25 years and covers equipment, production, and work.

South Coast Solar only takes payments in cash or through solar loans, so the high price might be too much for some homeowners.

This company has a lot of different services and gives you a lot of ways to customize your home solar project.

Pros and cons

Solar panels on a brick tile roof are a plus for South Coast Solar.
South Coast Solar is a local business with a great reputation for providing great customer service. Some of the technology offered is some of the best in the country, and it comes with a great warranty so you don’t have to worry.

Great service to customers
High-efficiency panels to make the most energy.
Good coverage for warranties
South Coast Solar’s Drawbacks
Given how high-quality the equipment is, South Coast Solar does have a pretty high price tag. Also, you can only buy from the company with cash or a solar loan.

There were no leases.
No PPAs available

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South Coast Solar

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South Coast Solar