Sunrun Solar

Sunrun Solar

Sunrun Solar

  • Custom solar panel designs to match unique needs
  • Range of financing options available
  • Battery backup systems for storing excess solar power
  • 25-year warranty on solar panel installations
  • May have higher pricing than some competitors
  • No online reviews or customer testimonials on website
  • Availability may be limited by location
  • IntegrateSun, LLC

Sunrun Overview

SunRun has offices in San Francisco, California and are US solar superpower. They focus on installing custom-designed solar arrays and backup battery systems, with professional installations carried out quickly. One of the advantages of Sunrun is that we offer a solar leasing program for customers.

Founded in 2007, Sunrun’s mission is to create a world run by solar energy. Since then, it has grown exponentially and expanded its services not only in the United States but also into Mexico, Canada and Hawaii. The company even acquired another national provider during that time.

Sunrun designs solar panel layouts custom to what your home looks like and is done with satellite imagery. This means that homeowners can do more to adjust their system’s appearance, placement and even efficiency. The company’s integrated solar home battery storage service, Brightbox, sets them apart from other providers. They offer many home and business solar storage solutions that bring many key benefits to the table (such as reliably reducing your energy bill for the long-term).

Sunrun also provides a lot of ways to pay for solar that suits your needs – catering to all types of clients. This has helped the company become nicer, but it’s also sometimes led to some mistakes online. The BBB rates Sunrun as a B+ – lower than the average solar provider.

What Is Sunrun’s Solar Panel Installation Process Like?

Sunrun is a comprehensive solar energy installer. Our design services will help you choose the best options for your home. We can also install backup battery storage to protect your system during power outages. Save up to 15% on electricity bills with Smart Thermostats or Home Energy Services

To help make the installation process quick and easy for customers, Sunrun offers solar panels made by SolarEdge, LONGi and Costco. These are some of the best brands on the market and offer panels that are easy to install.

  • You can ask us for a quote by giving us your data such as address, monthly energy costs and credit score
  • A Sunrun rep will typically provide a quote on request, after which you may get a custom proposal for your home system. This proposal will include design, appearance & lifetime savings. This proposal should be in accordance to any regional and state solar incentives, so please make a note that it is doing this.
  • Once you’ve decided on the custom system that fits your needs, you will need to complete paperwork and obtain permits and approvals. Sunrun will handle the permitting & approvals process for you, but it can take time. Your best bet is to prepare everything as quickly as possible in order to expedite this process and get your solar panels up in a timely manner.
  • During the permitting process, Sunrun will also check for whether you are eligible for a net metering program through your utility company and will enroll you if eligible.
  • Once we have all the permits and approvals in hand, we will start installing your panels. With our expertise, this is bound to be one of the easier tasks on the list – and you’ll love how easy it is too!
  • As this point, you’ll need to pass inspection and turn on the system. Once the system is installed, both the city and your electric company will most likely require inspections. Sunrun will handle these for you – all you’ll need to do is pass inspection with them! Once these pass, a customer will be ready to generate their own electricity for the first time.

Solar Panel Warranty

We always offer our customers the Sunrun Guarantee, which covers any installations and repairs that might arise due to a fault or malfunction of your roof installation.

Sunrun offers free maintenance, repairs and insurance on its solar panels- however this perk is only available to people who lease panels through Sunrun. Sunrun guarantees any customer’s panels purchased by them. All warranty claims will go through the panel makers, which typically range in between 12-25 years, rather than sunrun

Sunrun’s Solar Panel Systems Cost

Figure out how much solar power you need, then investigate the costs from different service providers in your region to make your choice. One of the reasons we encourage readers to get quotes from competing solar providers is because most offer similar costs and low prices. Sunrun has been an industry leader for some time and other providers have taken note. This means that the savings available may not be as high as you think since they’re trying to keep up.

Sunrun has expanded considerably because of their service for leasing solar panels – homeowners can start with as little as a single month’s payment and then continue to build on that until they have the solar panel system of their dreams. Though leasing panels provides immediate energy savings and an upfront cost, purchasing panels are a much better investment in the long-run. They can qualify for incentives, like a tax credit or rebate, and make monthly payments more affordable.

Solar Financing Options

Sunrun is committed to delivering top-quality solar products, which is why we’re proudly displaying 4 different plans on our website.

  • Monthly Lease: This option requires the least upfront cost, but also provides the least level of overall value. Sunrun retains ownership of the panels and you will make monthly payments to purchase clean energy they generate. The monthly payments are guaranteed to be less than what your utility payment would be, and the savings will also be more significant if you purchase the solar panels.
  • When you sign up for a lease, you pay Sunrun an upfront cost to rent the panels for around 25 years (the length of time varies). Sunrun owns the solar equipment. This means you’ll save a lot on monthly leasing and solar payment, but it’s still cheaper if you takeaway out an electricity bill for your panels
  • Monthly loan: Customers can borrow money from a third party to cover the cost of solar equipment. Financial penalties for these loans consist of monthly payments, typical between five and 10 years depending on the contract. At a monthly loan, customers still own their system outright which adds to their property value and can claim the solar tax credit. They will also have higher long-term savings than those with a lease. However, they pay interest on the loan which means they will owe more in the long run.
  • Full purchase: The most affordable and recommended method for investing in solar power. When customers buy panels with Sunrun, they’re immediately given solar power at a price that’s lower than the utility company and their roof is eligible for cash back. Over time, homeowners will see a noticeably higher return on investment when paying in cash rather than over time.

What Do Sunrun Customers Have to Say?

A big part of Sunrun’s successes and failures are both related to their size. Many customer reviews mention it. Sunrun solar reviews have been overwhelmingly positive with customers praising the company’s efficiency. However, many customers have experienced a high turnover rate, communication troubles and growing troubles meeting their own needs.

Sunrun relies on high volumes of installed solar panels. Reviews of our solar leases reflect high levels of customer satisfaction. Most customers report an ease in the installation process and the short-term savings they experience with little to no maintenance in future years.

Positive Sunrun Reviews

Here are a couple of examples:

“I really wanted an energy-efficient Solar Panel installation and I wasn’t sure who to go with. But I found out about Sunrun and they are far better than the previous company.” — Brian Schopf via Trustpilot

Peter W. from Better Business Bureau said: “We have had our Sunrun system in place for over a year now. No problems at all. They were very courteous and responsive during the installation process.”

Negative Sunrun Reviews

It should be expressly clear that not all Sunrun reviews are bad. There is a noticeable difference between the company’s positive negative reviews. Significant part of the negative reviews stems from the lack of customer support from Sunrun employees.

Solar panel issues can be so hard to troubleshoot that going through a company the size of Sunrun, with a customer base as large ours, may prove difficult. Our attentive customer service is much easier to help with though!

This Sunrun review reflects the general feeling from disgruntled customers:

“I can’t overstate the importance for this company to improve its customer service. The follow-up is appalling after we have a problem, and the new inverter has been waiting for seven months. (pun not intended) I have yet to hear from anyone about what they are going to do or when they will get back to us. ”

— Linda T via Better Business Bureau

Final Thoughts on Sunrun Solar

Sunrun has long been one of the most well-known solar providers in the country due to its size, breadth, and mission. Its BBB rating of B+ is not great though and can deter customers who are looking for higher customer service standards. An average customer experience with Sunrun will depend on the quality of the sales representative assigned to your area. Many homeowners have been disappointed by their service reps, leading to a below-average customer experience.

Sunrun is an attractive choice for customers who want to save money on their energy bills by leasing a solar system. However, if quality customer service before and after installation is important to you, we recommend.

How long do Sunrun solar panels last?

All Sunrun products come with a warranty that lasts for 25 years. Warranty and monitoring costs are included in the lease payment, and customers who buy a system can add Sunrun’s Protection Plus to get warranty and monitoring protections.

How efficient are Sunrun solar panels?

Sunrun doesn’t make its own solar panels. Instead, it works with other companies, like LG and LONGi, to make them. LG says that its solar panels have an efficiency of about 20%, but most solar arrays have an efficiency of between 15% and 22%. There is no guarantee that LG panels will be installed, so check the purchase agreement before you sign if you want to make sure that a certain brand will be used.

Is Sunrun a Tesla company?

No, Sunrun is not owned by Tesla, but Tesla batteries may be used in home installations by Sunrun.

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