The Solar Guys

The Solar Guys

The Solar Guys

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For many years, we have been the organization responsible for constructing solar systems for nearby businesses.
We are committed to using more environmentally friendly energy sources, which is what brought us to the solar power sector. Solar energy is a reliable source of energy that can be quickly converted to electricity practically anyplace.

To achieve our objectives, we initially collaborated with a variety of solar energy firms. However, we were not content to merely participate in someone else’s grander scheme. So, in order to assist individuals in switching from conventional to sustainable energy, we established our own business in January 2012. We set up their solar power systems, look after them, and even fix them if something goes wrong.

When we’re not working, you can find us spending time with our family. When we have the chance, we enjoy going four-wheeling, hunting, and fishing. We also set aside time to assist others in need in our neighborhood since it makes us feel really good and serves as a wonderful example for our families and the folks we interact with.

We have taken pleasure in telling others about the things that are important to us and how they affect the way we conduct business.

– Voted #1 Solar Company of 2022
– Oldest solar company in Kansas City for 10 years with locations in Iowa and Oklahoma
– All installs are done by us No subcontractors
– 25-year warranty on solar panels, inverters, and workmanship
– We work hard for your referral
– Licensed Electrical Contractor

Reasons Why You Should Work With Us

  1. Voted #1 Solar Company of 2022
  2. Enphase Certified Platinum Installer
  3. 10 years family owned and operated with US made panels

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The Solar Guys

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The Solar Guys