The top 5 solar garden lights to purchase in 2022

Normally, a garden shed in your backyard is only good for storing your lawnmower, but you can do so much more with it if you add solar lighting. Since sheds are normally not linked to your home, they typically lack electricity, making it impossible to use your shed at night or for extended periods of time where illumination is required.

Solar energy is used by solar shed lights to assist resolve this problem. It is far quicker and cheaper to hook up solar lights or add DIY solar panels to your shed than it is to wire power to it. Therefore, think about adding solar shed lights if you want to build a shed that can be used for more than just storage, like a woodworking shop.

We’ve compiled the top 5 solar shed power options, and if you need additional electricity, we’ll walk you through how to convert your shed with solar panels.

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What is a solar shed light?

A easy method to add lighting to your shed is using solar shed light fixtures. Most of the systems listed here require only a few easy steps for installation: drilling a hole for the light, mounting the panel, and letting it charge so that the next time you need a light, the panel will have enough charge to turn on the bulb.

Some may argue that depending on solar-powered lights is not the greatest option because the tiny panels are insufficiently powerful to charge the batteries on very cloudy days; for best results, they usually require continuous direct sunlight. This means that if you need to rely on electricity for long periods of time in your shed, even these basic solar lights might not be sufficient.

If so, mounting solar panels on the shed’s roof would be a better option for you (more about that later).

The 5 best solar powered shed lights

1. Nature Power 20130 Hanging Solar Power LED – $29.98

Nature Power 20130 Hanging Solar Power LED
  • LED bulb with two brightness settings
  • Keychain remote control switch to power on the light
  • Adjustable pull cord length to work with any ceiling height

2. Jackyed outdoor LED Hanging Solar Shed Light – $29.69 

Jackyed outdoor LED Hanging Solar Shed Light

  • 6 remote control LED brightness levels and a waterproof plastic coating
  • Motion sensor light that turns on when it detects motion, so this also can act as a security light if it is placed outside of the shed
  • The solar panel charges the battery within the lamp, the lamp itself is detachable so you can have light wherever you need it

3. Swonuk Solar Pendant Lights – $19.75

Swonuk Solar Pendant Lights

  • The lighting kit includes 2 independent bright LED light features powered by one solar panel
  • Remote control-powered lighting
  • Solar panel angle can be adjusted to best capture sunlight

4. Kyson Solar Powered LED Lights – $37.99

Kyson Solar Powered LED Lights
  • Remote controlled-lighting in a bright white solar lampshade
  • Has an extension cord for easy installation on your shed roof

5. LightMe Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb – $13.99 

LightMe Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb
  • Easy, affordable, and lightweight option for lighting inside a simple storage shed
  • Portable for other outdoor light uses like pergolas or gazebos

Is a shed a good place for a DIY solar installation?

Solar panel arrays are a better, more dependable solution if you require regular lighting that lasts, even though solar shed lights are fantastic for providing power for brief periods of time.

You can build a solar array on your shed by purchasing one of the many DIY solar panel kits available, such as those provided by Grape Solar. Home Depot, Costco, Lowes, and Amazon all carry these kits.

Person carrying a solar panel to install on a roof

A DIY system’s typical objective is to fully charge a 12V rechargeable battery, which in turn produces power. Because of this, DIY panels work best for smaller applications like a shed. If that makes sense to you, purchase a kit and carry out the simple installation instructions.

Step 1: Set out the kit’s components in a neat order. To connect the panels to a bank of 12V lithium batteries, you should have a panel and cables. The charging controller and 12V battery must be purchased separately.

Step 2: Install the wiring in the watertight box provided in the kit, then wire your panel and join the wiring to the junction box on the rear of the panel.

Step 3: Connect your panel to the racking that is part of the package. You’ll see that the panel has strategically positioned holes for fastening the racking with screws.

Step 4: The panel should be placed and installed on your shed roof. The temporary “feet” that are provided with the panel are there as a stand-in so that you may draw where the mount hole positions are. Drill the holes after locating their placement and removing the panel. The panel should then be secured using the kit’s included hardware.

Step 5: Drilling a hole in the side of the shed and running the wire inside to the interior charge controller will finish the panel wiring. Then, join the wiring to the charge controller; the positive is connected to the red wiring, and the negative is to the black wiring.

Step 6: To ensure that your interior lights always have power, you must wire the battery and inverter. Installing inside illumination is the last step.

This method and installation will be simple if you have experience with electrical systems or a talent for wiring and lighting. We advise DIY kits for smaller tasks like building a shed, boat, or RV because they are designed for folks who enjoy DIY projects.

When you need a source of electricity outside but do not have electrical wiring set up to power what you need, solar shed lights can be useful. Solar shed lights offer a cost-effective solution to keep your shed as functional as possible all year round.

Investing in a straightforward solar shed light from Amazon makes the most sense if you want to install lighting in your shed so that you can easily turn it on and grab the tool you need. But installing a solar array on your shed roof is a terrific idea if you utilize it as an addition to your house.

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